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Campari is delighted to announce success in the esteemed Speciality Spirits Masters for its unique expression Campari Cask Tales. The award recognises and rewards outstanding products and is a stamp of approval that guarantees the highest quality of bitters.

Award Winning

With a competitive number of entries in the Bitters/Amaro category, Campari Cask Tales took the Gold Medal with judges commenting on their enjoyment of the “bitter herbal notes” complemented by a “lovely moderately sweet background, and some citrus”. The drink is a unique modern expression of the classic Campari. Finished in bourbon barrels, to smooth bitter notes with fruity, sweet, and creamy notes, the liquid provides delicate oaky smokiness to the legendary bitter Campari.

Campari Cask Tales

Campari Cask Tales – Mixology Inspiration for Bartenders

Especially crafted to inspire bartenders to experiment within the world of mixology and create their own masterpieces, the spirit is truly multi-dimensional. Created by Italian Icons Herbalist & Master Blender, Bruno Malavasi, Campari Cask Tales was launched in 2018, to celebrate Campari’s rich heritage in the worlds of art and craft, and the 150th birthday of Davide Campari.

Bruno Malavasi’s experimentation played with casks from multiple sources to find the ideal environment to finish and flavour the iconic red bitter, which finally led to this masterpiece finished in selected second fill bourbon casks. Thanks to its sensory complexity, this spirit can be enjoyed either as a cocktail component, or on its own. Khanya Mashalaba, Campari Group Marketing Manager, South Africa:

“We are so excited to receive the Gold Medal for Campari Cask Tales. Having witnessed the time and expertise that has gone into crafting such an exquisite homage to Davide Campari, it is incredibly rewarding to see Campari Cask Tales receive the global recognition and stamp of approval that it deserves for such an innovative blend. This renowned award win really helps to cement the liquid’s high-quality craftmanship but will also encourage bartenders and spirits aficionados to create intriguing drinking experiences using Campari Cask Tales.”

Celebrating Achievements in Spirits

To top off Campari Group’s recent accolades, in the International Brands 2022 Report, Bisquit&Dubouché has been voted 8th in the Cognac TOP TRENDING category while Espolòn tequila celebrates being voted the 7th BEST SELLING TEQUILA.

The Brands Report, now in it’s 13th year, delves into the buying behaviour of the elite end of the bar business through a poll of the world’s best bars, and tracks how brands are trending with some of the most influential bartenders in the industry. These accolades are a testament to the exquisite and consistent quality of Campari Group’s award-winning portfolio. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram #Campari #RedPassion

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