The Holy Green Grail has Returned: Avos Are Back in Season!

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The sun is setting earlier, rising later and providing fewer rays to bronze our bodies and that means one thing… winter is coming. But that also means that avos are back in season baby – and that makes saying toodles to summer a whole lot easier.


Avos are Back in Season

Avo for Breakfast?

Many of us know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day: it replenishes your blood sugar after the night’s fast, helping to wake up a sleepy brain, send energy to the muscles and sets you up for better eating throughout the day. Of course, time isn’t always a friend in the morning, and cooking up a complete meal may not be possible – so it’s a good thing that avos are back in season, easy to eat and packed with nutrients.

While it may seem easier to shrug off the morning meal, the reality is that skipping breakfast sets you up for a slow day, you won’t have the energy to perform as the day wears on – plus, you’ll be more likely to binge on pick-me-ups later in the day.  Breakfast is especially important for children, who require extra energy to sustain their rapid growth. Unfortunately, many children resist the idea of eating before they head to school and end up feeling grumpy and unable to focus during the day.

That’s why avos are the ideal breakfast food for all members of the family. They require very little preparation, and did you know that avos contain no cholesterol, are virtually free from sodium, they’re high in monounsaturated fat and a good source of potassium? This unique combination makes them a powerful ally to assist in the fight against high blood pressure, a common health concern in South Africa.

The Multi-skilled Avo

Avos are back in season

Avos can be used to make a wide range of scrumptious dishes. While smashed avo on toast, with the zing of lemon, chilli and fresh coriander, has become a favourite worldwide, avos combined with berries, banana and granola make a delicious smoothie bowl.

Alternatively, go the savoury route and make a courgette cupcake with avo cream cheese icing if you’re feeling fancy, or delicious no-fuss chicken and avo burgers. Even cook with avo oils such as Westfalia’s delicious range.

While their delicious flavour and creamy texture ensures that avos blend well with many other ingredients, they’re also great on their own – simply add a dash of lemon juice and pepper – and you have a meal. This, combined with their high nutritional value, makes them a fantastic accompaniment to a healthy meal translating into great value for money.

Excellent news for South African consumers is that 2018 promises a good yield of avos, says Derek Donkin of the South African Avo Growers Association.

“We’re delighted to be able to supply one of the world’s most popular fruits – nurtured locally – to South Africans. We can’t wait to see the country finding creative ways to add an avo to breakfast – and enjoying a significant health boost as a result.”

Want to celebrate that avos are back in season? Invite your pals over for a party and show them 10 different ways to make guacamole.

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