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Salt | Amoleh

Amoleh Salt free from any chemical refinement and processing, this salt will bring decadence to your table.



Who would think something as simple as salt could be so interesting and be an elegant addition to your dinner party food. With Amoleh Salts, this is exactly what it is. With different flavours and different colours this simple seasoning becomes a whole lot more exciting.

Salt was a luxurious commodity in ancient times and known as ‘white gold’. ‘Amoleh’ was a salt bar currency used in Ethopia – then Abyssinia – and was used until the 20th century. Unlike any other salt, Amoleh pays homage to its history which makes for a great conversation piece at your dinner table.

Amoleh salts boast an exotic array of flavours and will add depth to your dishes. Amoleh is harvested carefully and is free from all chemical refinement and processing – this naturally healthy salt will bring decadence to your table.

We loved the Persian Blue Amoleh salt. It is a rare Iranian blue rock salt, bold and confident with strong undertones of rich spice that give way to a subtle, gentler taste sensation. Best used in seafood, red meat and truffle dishes.