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Soefija’s Olive Oil is a cold extracted extra virgin olive oil blended from five Italian cultivars with a complex nutty & fruity flavour.

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So many of us use olive oil every single day but we rarely know the story behind the name or the history of it. This beautifully bottled olive oil with the story to match, was one we couldn’t leave out of this issue.

The oil is made from olives grown on the family farm in picturesque Agter Paarl and from recipes handed down by generations of Dryer women. The name ‘Soefija’s’ is in honour of their mother, ‘Emma Soefija Dreyer’ who passed all of her knowledge on to them.

This cold extracted extra virgin olive oil is a blend of five Italian cultivars. It is well balanced and fresh with fantastic fruity aromas as well as green olives, walnuts and grass.

Not only does this olive oil taste great (it goes wonderfully with fresh crusty bread) but it looks absolutely elegant on your dining table too.

“Make Soefija’s a part of your family” ­­– at R55 for a 750ml bottle of this gem, we certainly will!