Amarula Launches New African Design Series

Words: Crush

This festive season Amarula releases a limited amount of its African design series through Travel Retail stores which will appeal to many as funky and totally local festive season gifts.

The new ‘Inspired by Africa’ series makes the perfect gift for collectors. With three unique designs that are as bold and dynamic as the continent that inspired them, they bring the magic of Africa to life through the fusion and adaptation of traditional African patterns onto their beautifully curated bottles.

The Amarula Limited Edition Collection contains the same Amarula Cream that is loved around the world, says Amarula Global General Manager, Dino D’Araujo; “Whether they’ve visited Africa or not, people from around the world can enjoy a taste of this continent whenever they open a bottle of Amarula. We hope that this celebratory series during the festive season will inspire more travellers to make this special continent a part of their travel memories.”

Amarula cream is made from the Marula fruit found on the Marula tree. This tree is only found in the warm, frost-free regions of sub-Equatorial Africa. Once the ripe marula fruit is gathered, the stones are removed and the flesh is separated from the skin before it is fermented under conditions similar to winemaking. After fermentation, the marula wine is distilled, first in column stills and then in copper pot stills. The Marula spirit is then aged in French oak for two years. After that, it’s blended with a velvety cream to create the smooth taste of Amarula. It is then best served over ice and with a nice view.

The Amarula Limited Edition Collection is exclusive to Travel Retail and will only be available in November and December 2016. Amarula is a proud sponsor of Wild Life Direct, a Kenyan based Conservation group led by Dr Paula Kahumbu. It is a shared vision, that for years to come, we will continue to meet the African Elephant below the Marula Trees. | Facebook | Twitter

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