A Healthy Summer Menu – Westfalia Fruit Shows You How

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Healthy eating is by no means difficult or complicated and with a few versatile ingredients to add to your summer menu, it’s even easier. On a hot day, we all feel like light, refreshing meals, but still want something that is filling, wholesome and appetising.

Reducing refined starches and focussing on more fresh fruit and veggies is a good start. Balance that with healthy sources of protein and a portion of good fats, like nuts, seeds and avocados. Westfalia Fruit, also known as the #AVOEXPERTS, makes this super easy with their range of avocado oils and guacamoles – flavourful ingredients, packed with goodness and easy to use.


Something for every meal from the #AVOEXPERTS

Whether you want to enjoy a quick, light outdoor lunch, have something yummy to pack for back-at-work, or prepare a side with your next summer braai, the range of products from Westfalia Fruit, has got you covered.

Healthy convenience in a tub

The guacamole from Westfalia Fruit, is real avocado, giving you real convenience, packed with all the goodness of fresh avos. There’s a flavour for everyone: Plain, Spicy and Sweet Chilli Salsa. Spread it on sandwiches, dollop onto steak or chicken, or thin with plain yoghurt as a salad dressing. And of course, just about anything can be dipped into guacamole.

Each tub contains about two ripe Hass avocados and all the healthy fats will keep you feeling fuller for longer – a great way to make any meal wholesome. Spread a thick layer on slices of wholewheat or seed bread instead of butter and top with cucumber, slithers of smoked trout, fresh dill and watercress.

Avocado oil is so versatile

Westfalia Fruit’s Avocado Oil is a 100 % pure avocado oil and so versatile. Use it for any cooking method, whether you pan-fry, sauté, braai, roast or grill. Try the neutral flavour of the plain oil, add zestiness with the lemon option or perhaps a touch of garlic, with the garlic-flavoured avocado oil.

From summer salads to desserts with Westfalia Fruit

The combination of fresh tomato and basil is just perfect for a summer salad. Drizzle with avocado oil and add any cheese for a simple, seasonal feast.

caprse stack
avocado oil

Grilled peaches for salad or dessert, anyone? Pan-fry peaches or other stone fruit halves in the lemon-flavoured avocado oil. Serve as a salad with fresh basil or rocket and a cheese of your choice, like bocconcini, goat’s cheese or ricotta. Drizzle with more oil and black pepper – delightful and so different.

lemon avocado oil
summer menu peaches

Or enjoy these same fruit halves as a fresh dessert with dollops of unsweetened yoghurt, seasoned with lemon rind, cinnamon or vanilla – much healthier than an overly sweet dessert. Garnish with toasted macadamias and mint.

Add the goodness of fresh avocados to your summer menu

Make a green salad something special with fresh avo, toasted seeds and a glug of Westfalia Avocado Oil. We love the lemon-flavoured oil as it’s great with green veggies and of course, fresh avo. This salad can even be the base for a healthy summer meal, by adding a protein like chicken or chickpeas.

summer menu Salad

Stock up on Westfalia Fruit products and be healthy this summer.

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