A Feast of Flavour: The Foxcroft Winter Weekday Lunch Special

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Cape Town’s winter restaurant specials have become an annual treat for discerning local foodies – a way to experience some of the finest eating establishments at reduced prices. Foxcroft Restaurant has put together a lunch special that exceeds expectations and is typical of chef Glen Williams and his team’s dedication to meticulous detail and fabulous bursts of flavour.

Foxcroft Winter Weekday Lunch Special

Photograph Claire Gunn

The Foxcroft Winter Weekday Lunch Special

There are three options for the Foxcroft winter weekday lunch special. A two-course option for R195, a three-course option for R245 and a four-course option for R295. The four-course option will give you the full gamut, however, the two-course offering is great for someone with less of an appetite but wanting a fantastic mid-week lunch experience.

Our waiter pointed out that it is entirely up to the diner which courses they choose, so feel free to order four dessert dishes if that’s your inclination.

The Foxcroft Experience

Foxcroft restaurant is situated in the bustling High Constantia Centre at the base of Constantia Nek valley and surrounded by some of the Cape’s oldest wine estates. The view from the restaurant is an ever-changing backdrop of leafy seasonal colours – the bright view contrasts beautifully with the chic, deep grey moody walls, bronze decor elements and warm leather seating that sets the mood for the interior of Foxcroft.

The kitchen is on full display to diners and runs almost the entire length of the sitting area, offering diners a real-time show into the inner workings of the kitchen. The chefs generally face the diners and this offers a personal connection between diner and chef.

Foxcroft Winter Weekday Lunch Special

Photograph Claire Gunn

The Foxcroft atmosphere is slightly more casual and accessible than its siblings La Colombe and La Petite Colombe. This dressed-down atmosphere does not diminish in any way from the well-trained, knowledgeable service that supports this type of dining experience.

The Foxcroft Winter Menu

Foxcroft Winter Weekday Lunch Special

The winter menu will take you on an exhilarating, yet expertly balanced journey of flavour. Pickled twists and feather light veloutés wind around the rich flavours of glazed meats; sauces with deep layers and sweet gels contrasted with delicately textured crumbles.

This, combined with the precise plating and fresh pops of colour that we’ve become accustomed to from this group of restaurants makes the dining experience a visual feast as well.

To Start

A humble sounding beginning to our gastronomic journey – rosemary and olive ciabatta served with smoked virgin butter and anchovy crumble – was a simple dish elevated to greatness. Optional oysters (additional R90) are served with a sweet and spicy Asian sauce, compressed cucumber balls and topped with crisp sweet potato threads.

A Fusion of Flavours

Foxcroft Winter Weekday Lunch Special

The first course of ever-so-lightly seared tuna tataki is served in a cucumber broth, surrounded by creamy avocado, labneh and bursts of chipotle heat and dollops of mango atchar.

This was followed by a citrus and turmeric cured yellowtail that was strongly Indian in flavour but interpreted as a contemporary dish of crisp curry leaves, pickled red onion, buttermilk blended curry leaf espuma with crispy chickpea spindles delicately placed on top.

Foxcroft Winter Weekday Lunch Special

The turnip gratin was a surprising highlight amongst the many great dishes. It was deliciously rich and yet delicately light at the same time. Topped with a crispy garlic and onion crumble and accompanied by a Parmesan velouté that was melt-in-the-mouth, with a wonderfully subtle onion flavour base. The creamy richness of the gratin was perfectly balanced by a paper thin, crisp kale leaf. An ideal dish for a slightly wet and cold autumn day.

Foxcroft winter weekday lunch special
Foxcroft winter weekday lunch special
foxcroxt winter weekday lunch menu

Final Destination

All good journeys have a final destination and this came in the form of a compressed strawberry wonderland. Full of fruity sweetness and consisting of various shades of pink with soft green matcha sponge cake castles and a perfectly shaped quenelle of strawberry and geranium ice cream.

The geranium brought a softening floral flavour to the intensity of the strawberry and the candied crumble. Another option (of the four dessert options) is the Hilton Blue Cremeux – if you have space and prefer a more savoury cheese ending.

Foxcroft Winter Weekday Lunch Special

If you are looking for a sensory journey rather than a bite to eat, the Foxcroft winter weekday lunch special should be your next trip. It is a showcase of perfectly executed, well crafted and intricate dishes. Flavours are masterfully combined to contrast or enhance, crisp textures accompany creamy foams, sweet is set against spice and acidity lifts flavours to new heights.

It’s a grouping of dishes in which every detail is well thought through and simply presented in a warm and welcoming environment.

Book for the weekday winter lunch menu at Foxcroft by booking online or calling (021) 202-3304. The Foxcroft winter weekday lunch special menu is only available until 31 July, so best book soon.

Shop 8, High Constantia Centre, Groot Constantia Road, Constantia

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