A Báhn Mì Inspired Sarmie with La Mont U’lloumi Griller Cheese Patties

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La Mont Cheese
Cheese is the universal ingredient that makes anything instantly more delicious! Whether a classic American cheeseburger, Canada’s poutine or Mexico’s nachos, there’s no denying the flavour power of cheese, and La Mont U’lloumi Griller Cheese Patties are no different.

La Mont U’lloumi Griller Cheese Patties

La Mont U’lloumi Griller Cheese Patties are satisfyingly packed with umami and their texture makes them perfect for frying or grilling.

They are ideal for vegetarians, those looking for a tasty alternative to meat, or really anyone that appreciates a filling burger or sandwich.

Inspired by our love for worldly cuisines and of course, halloumi, we’ve made a tasty Vietnamese Báhn Mì sandwich.

Báhn Mì Inspired Halloumi Sandwich

La Mont U’lloumi Griller Cheese Patties
Vietnamese cuisine is filled with iconic dishes and street food staples; we couldn’t resist taking inspiration and making a Báhn Mì-style sandwich with La Mont U’lloumi Griller Cheese Patties.

We’ve chosen a longer, oval-shaped soft bun, and, because a Báhn Mì isn’t complete without piquant pickled vegetables, we’ve gone with refreshing cucumber, julienne carrots and jalapeños for a kick of spice and slight acidity.

If you can’t quite handle the heat, don’t worry, we’ve loaded this bun with a good schmear of creamy and zesty avocado and a drizzle of mayo. Your halloumi needs no more than a quick sizzle and sear to soften it and caramelise the exterior. Unlike most cheeses, halloumi has a firmer texture and a higher melting point, making it ideal for pan or air frying for 6-8 minutes.

Once delicious and golden brown, top your cheese patties with a little hoisin sauce before the fun part begins – assembling. Load your bun base with smashed avocado, deliciously grilled U’lloumi Griller Cheese Patties and some of that yummy vegetable pickle. Layer your Báhn Mì with enough pickled veg for balanced flavour and texture. Lastly, you’ll want some fresh herbs, so top with a couple of fresh coriander sprigs and a drizzle of mayonnaise, before you sink your teeth in!

 La Mont Ulloumi Cheese Griller Patties will be available in Checkers stores nationwide from October. Also available in Woolworths stores nationwide as ‘Medium Fat Halloumi Burgers’.

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