10 Best Braai Desserts To Try This Long Weekend

Words: Emma Nkunzana

Try any one of our 10 best braai desserts for your Heritage Day celebrations or to end off your next braai. These braai desserts will give a uniquely South African ending to your festivities.

braai desserts - milk tart

Our Best Braai Desserts

Tant Sannie Se Melktert Milk Tart

This milk tart recipe is foolproof and will be the one you come back to make again and again.

Recipe for Tant Sannie Se Melktert Milk Tart

Mini Malva Puddings

Is there honestly anything more South African than a malva pudding? For ease of eating, we’ve made mini versions.

Recipe for Mini Malva Puddings

Pecan & Pear Sticky Caramel Malva

It’s sweet and sticky, and with a blob of good vanilla ice cream, it’s the perfect end to a successful Braai Day.

Recipe for Pecan & Pear Sticky Caramel Malva

Koeksister & Glace Ginger Ice Cream

Did we just put koeksisters in an ice cream? Yes, yes we did.

Recipe for Koeksister & Glace Ginger Ice Cream

braai desserts - Pecan Pear sticky caramel pudding
braai desserts - koeksister ice cream

Coconut Condensed Milk Tart

A twist on the classic but don’t worry no one will be spinning in their graves.

Recipe for Coconut Condensed Milk Tart

Toasted Almond Boeber Ice Cream

Boeber, also know as melkkos is a traditional Cape Malay dessert. Here it becomes a flavoursome ice cream.

Recipe for Toasted Almond Boeber Ice Cream

braai desserts - condensed milk tart

Sticky Brandy Nut Pudding Samosa

A sweet take on the usually savoury snack.

Recipe For Sticky Brandy Nut Pudding Samosa

Peppermint Crisp Cake

The peppermint crisp tart gets a revival with this cake version.

Recipe for Peppermint Crisp Cake

braai desserts - brandy snap sweet samosas


Net soos Ouma’s!

Recipe for Souskluitjies

Tipsy Tart & Custard Ice Cream

All the flavours of our beloved brandy tipsy tart but in an ice cream, perfect for those summer days.

Recipe for Tipsy Tart & Custard Ice Cream

braai desserts - souskluitjies

Traditional Koeksisters

The quintessential boere sweet treat.

Recipe for Traditional Koeksisters

White Chocolate Malva Pudding

This classic gets a contemporary twist with the addition of white chocolate, but don’t worry the citrus flavours make sure it’s not too sweet.

Recipe for White Chocolate Malva Pudding

braai desserts - koeksisters
braai desserts - White Chocolate Malva

So you’ve got dessert sorted now, check out our suggestions for braai mains and sides and salads.

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