Why We Love Loaves on Long

Words: Tamsyn Dodds

If you don’t like butter or cream, turn around and go find a health shop elsewhere, because Loaves on Long is putting a lot of love and a lot of butter into their baked goods and we dig it. There are no dry, hard croissants or stale breads to be found here, everything is baked fresh every morning, jam packed with the best ingredients and full of flavour. If you’ve walked down Long Street, you may have spotted their showstopping 100% Rye bread displayed in the window – this golden brown bread is filled with macadamia nuts and enfolds a beautifully glistening poached pear. If this doesn’t lure you into the store, the smell of freshly baked buns and loaves definitely will.

Set right in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Long Street, this is a culinary oasis for any fussy foodie looking for a yummy sandwich or a pie in-between meetings. Run by Hurst Campus alumni Lyndal Wakeford and Ciska Rossouw (ex The Bakery @ Jordan), the baked goods they’re producing show their skill and love for their art. On the first floor of the beautiful historic building that houses Loaves is a beautiful window display showcasing the fresh breads and loaves of the day, there is also a counter display of the sweet and savoury treats, and a fridge displaying home cured meats, cheeses and spreads. A staircase on the right leads you up to a warm, homely seating area, as well as a beautiful balcony that looks out over Long Street.

Loaves on Long, Long Street, Cape Town, review

On our visit to Loaves on Long, we tried the breakfast croissant with scrambled eggs and emmental cheese. Our verdict? The croissant itself was mouthwatering and tasty, it didn’t need any filling, but yet the creamy scrambled eggs and the nutty emmental cheese still had us rolling out the front door with a satisfied smile on our face. Other menu options are the Poached Eggs, with crispy bacon, hollandaise sauce and a potato rosti, as well as their yummy Gourmet Sandwiches, our favorite, the Rare Roast Beef, whole grain mustard, red onion and rocket. One thing that is simply a must try the is the Loaves on Long Hot Chocolate – this is no ordinary hot chocolate, this is a delicious blend of the finest Valrhona melted chocolate, cream and jersey milk. It’s thick, creamy and absolutely worth the calories!

Every Friday night, to celebrate the arrival of the weekend, they host a Pizza and Puza evening, with live music, beer/wine and freshly made pizza’s.

Pop by Loaves on Long if you are looking to purchase quality, handmade bread and baked goods – you will not be disappointed.

33 Long street, Cape Town

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