When Life Gives you LemonGold™ Lemons… You Make Delicious Things!

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LemongoldsIf you haven’t yet cooked or baked with LemonGold™ seedless lemons, your life is about to change. From the unblemished skin that’s ideal for zesting to the juiciest interior, this fruit is all that and then some.

The thin outer pith and the fact that there are no seeds, makes LemonGold™ the only lemon for all your cooking and baking needs. From your morning ginger and lemon shot to a delicious evening meal and everything in between. We make four recipes that positively radiate the citrusy sunshine that these fabulous fruits offer. 

In the Kitchen with LemonGold™

Pink Lemonade Candy Floss Cocktail

lemongold® cocktaillemongold bannerHomemade lemonade is the ultimate in refreshment – there’s a reason a lemonade stand does so well on a hot summer’s day! In this recipe we show you how to make lemonade from scratch – it involves roasting LemonGold™ lemons lightly in the oven, sounds odd but trust us, this step ensures that you get maximum juice. It also makes juicing them infinitely easier.

Of course, lemonade on it’s own is delicious but to take this to the next level (the adult level that is) we’re making it into these ultra pretty-in-pink cocktails. A dash of grenadine in the glass will turn the lemonade the most gorgeous dusty pink. If you drop the grenadine into the glasses first and then top up with lemonade, you’ll get a lovely ombré effect.

Just for fun we’ve added a wisp of candy floss because it looks and tastes like a day at the fair!

It can be a little tricky to get it right but wetting the edge of the glass to make it tacky will help it stick. Work your architectural magic and serve straight away.

Get the recipe for these Pink Lemonade Candy Floss Cocktails

Lemon & Rocket Pesto Tartines with Avocado & Asparagus

LemonGold® Pestolemongold bannerA pesto wouldn’t be a pesto without a good dose of acidity. The acidity is what balances out the richness of the oil and, when blended together with herbs, everything marries into a perfect, versatile sauce. In this recipe we really amp up the lip puckering quality with a good dose of LemonGold™ lemon juice and zest. With cashews for nuttiness and rocket for pepperiness, the resulting pesto is packed with flavour and that all important zing. 

These tartines (a fancy word for open sandwich or toasts) are topped with cream cheese, heaped with a good few teaspoons of this lemony pesto, grilled asparagus and cubed avo. Ideal for lunch or a tasty snack. This pesto is incredibly versatile – try it tossed into pasta, dolloped onto a pizza or even swirled through labneh for a tasty dip.

So much flavour and versatility in one jar!

Get the recipe for these Lemon & Rocket Pesto Tartines

LemonGold™ Lemonade Frosties

lemongold® frostieslemongold bannerMove over chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, there’s a new flavour in town. Lemon may not be what immediately comes to mind when you think milkshake but we’re here to tell you that it really should be. The combination of acidity with creaminess is crazy delicious and word on the street is that whipped lemonade is touted as being the drink of summer 2021.

Hot tip! Make a batch of lemonade now and freeze it ahead of summer.

Homemade lemonade is where it’s at, whip it with good quality vanilla ice cream and you have the ultimate refreshing drink. We daresay you could even add a shot of your favourite tipple for a more adult version. A lovely, fun way to end a dinner party.

Get the recipe for these LemonGold™ Frosties

No Churn LemonGold™ Ice Cream

lemongold® ice creamlemongold bannerHave you ever met a kid that says no to ice cream just because it’s winter? Nope. That’s because kids love delicious things any time of year and it’s time we follow suit. This divine lemon ice cream doesn’t require a fancy churner to make it, just a few ingredients and some time in the freezer. What we really love about it is that it’s flavoured just with zest. The zest (the outer yellow part of the skin) is where the essential oils of the fruit live; the oil is aromatic, giving a light, bright and sunshiny flavour without the acidity.

The unblemished skin of LemonGold™ lemons make them ideal for this recipe; capture all that flavour without adding any liquid to the ice cream, which can make it icy (ironically not what you want in a creamy ice cream).

Use the zest of your LemonGold™ lemons to make this recipe and keep the fruit for use in something else. Nothing goes to waste!

The balance of that precious flavour from the zest, along with the creaminess makes this a delish dessert, no matter what the weather.

Get the Recipe for this No Churn LemonGold™ Ice Cream

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