The Oranjezicht City Farm Market Open On Sundays From Oct!

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Exciting news! The popular weekly Saturday market founded by the Oranjezicht City Farm will also be open on Sundays, as from October 2018.

Oranjezicht City Farm extended Trading Times

Located in Granger Bay at the V&A Waterfront for the last 3 years, the extension of the Market’s operating days and hours from Saturdays (09h00 to 14h00) to include Sundays (09h00 am to 15h00) means that customers can now have twice-weekly access to fresh, high-quality produce and pantry consumables including, dairy and eggs, fish and seafood, meat, poultry and game, cured meats, oils and vinegars, bakery & patisserie items, plants and flowers, homeware and accessories.

Sheryl Ozinsky, a founding volunteer of the Oranjezicht City Farm and co-owner with Caz Friedmann of the Market says,

“One extra day of trading, not only provides customers with more access to local, fresh, high-quality produce, but also creates expansive opportunities for the 28 small-scale local farmers who supply the market with produce. Now these farmers can employ more people, and with the demand for additional produce, they can open up more of their land to regenerative farming practices that use no pesticides and focus on ecosystem diversity, crop rotation, composting and growing crops without disrupting the soil.”

Shop for real food

The Market is a source of genuinely exceptional local produce; food that is fresh, healthy, seasonal and that builds and strengthens local economies.  The ingredients are fresher – and that much tastier. As an example, farm-grown oysters and mussels – with no damage to the aquatic system. They’re kept in better conditions and they get to market faster – which means they’re fresher. It’s those farmers we need to support – the farmers who are working the land or the sea and are doing right by it.”

Oranjezicht City Farm Market

Ozinsky adds, “The V&A Waterfront have shown themselves to be truly committed to the goals of expanding access to local organic produce and creating opportunities for our small-scale local and organic farmers. Not only have they provided our market with a stunning venue, and affordable parking for more than five hundred cars, but they have helped to make the operations reasonably affordable.

Why you should be supporting the Oranjezicht City Farm Market

With more than 60 traders and approximately 4 000 visitors every Saturday, the OZCF Market Day has a direct economic impact estimated in excess of R30 million per annum, supporting nearly 200 jobs and approximately 75 small businesses including local farms.

“The Oranjezicht City Farm Market Day is as much a connection for farmers to local consumers as it is a great offering for Capetonians,” says David Green, CEO of the V&A Waterfront. “By supporting this initiative we are reaffirming our commitment to growing a small business. After purchasing your fresh produce and groceries, when last did you share good company with friends and family, in the midst of a beautiful sea view, whilst savouring something delicious to eat and drink?’’

Starting in October the Oranjezicht City Farm Market will be open Saturdays 09h00 to 14h00 and Sundays 09h00 am to 15h00.

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