The Mother of Bunnies – Michaella from Masala Club

Words: Karl Tessendorf

Every now and then life sends you little hints that can ultimately lead you to your destiny. For Michaella of Masala Curry Club, that hint came in the form of a spicy lamb bunny chow. After this born and bred Durban girl relocated to Cape Town, she soon realised that she just couldn’t scratch her bunny chow itch with what was available in the Mother City. So, she decided to head back home to start a month long apprenticeship to learn the art of making the perfect bunny. She’s now brought a taste of Durbs down to the Cape for us to enjoy. We first met Michaella and tasted her wares at a Village Idiot Sunday Collab and after our first bite we decided we wanted to find out a bit more about her motivation behind this career change. We caught up with her recently for a short interview…
Where did you learn to make curry and bunnies?

I learnt in Durban down at Lugs (Blue Lagoon). I worked in the kitchens there for about a month to gain experience. I think I served over 1000 bunnies during my time there. I was desperate to come back to Cape Town and enjoy a spicy Durban curry, so there was only one option for me – go back to Durban and learn exactly how to make one… and that is what I did!

What’s your best tip for making a kickass curry?

Freshly blitzed tomatoes are way better than canned. Onions, onions, onions… the more the merrier!

If you could share a bunny with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Samuel L Jackson. Love that guy! I think the conversation over that bunny would be hysterical!
What’s the best curry you’ve ever had?

Honestly, coming from Durban I am literally spoilt for choice. If we are talking traditional sit down curry – Mali’s on Gobal Road in Durban has a killer Rogan Josh. Another incredible curry is at the Britannia Hotel – it will melt your socks off.

You’ve only been going for a short time and the response have been amazing, what’s next for Masala Club?

Yes, we have been up and running for a couple of months now. The feedback has been incredible and it’s great to hear people saying good things about my curry. We really want to focus on our frozen curries so that people can stock up their own freezers for those hassle free nights. So place an order! Hopefully in the future there will be a store where all our great customers can come dig in.
Where can people find you and hunt down a bunny?

We don’t have a store front at the moment, so we operate out of the Old Biscuit Mill every Saturday from 09h00 to 14h00. Foreigners are fascinated by the bunny chow – the most common question I get asked is “Is that a cake?” Other than the Old Biscuit Mill, you can order frozen curries from me anytime of the week – if I have what you are looking for in stock then I deliver within the CBD same day. But if I need to cook a new batch of curries, then it takes about a day or two max. We also do a Bunny Lunch Run – delivery to offices in the CBD on Thursdays – orders need to be in the previous Wednesday 10h00.
Lamb or bean?

Half ‘n half. The mixture of the two is insane.

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