The Endless Beauty of Glass Recycling: 5 Fun Ways to Repurpose Glassware

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Consumers are in search of smarter ways to reuse packaging in the spirit of being eco-conscious, less wasteful and embracing their inner DIY gurus. Reusing and repurposing glass jars and bottles is simple and can be oh so eye-catching. Glass recycling is so simple and effective; glass has the ability to be reused time and again, with endless options. We’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly ideas of how you can reuse, repurpose and recycle your glass.

glass recycling

A List of Beautiful and Budget-friendly Ideas For Your Glass Recycling

Candle Lit Evenings

Warm summer nights are the perfect time to enjoy a candlelit dinner under the stars – and what better way than with some old glass jars that have been hand-decorated? You can replace candle holders with used glass jars of varying sizes. For a more dramatic effect, use a wide variety of different candles and jars to create an exceptional ambience. See how to make some pretty ones here.

Eye-Catching Centrepieces

Reused packaging glass can be used to make a glamorous centrepiece. Reuse a mix of old food and beverage containers as light reflecting flower vases – the greater the variety of colours, shapes and sizes, the more interesting your table setting will look.

Glass recycling

Whimsical Bed Side Lamp

Turn an empty wine bottle into a funky table lamp by drilling a hole through the bottom of the bottle and inserting a strand of fairy lights. The colour of the bottle will enhance the glow of the light and adds ambience to a room. The only special tool needed is a glass drill bit. Just be careful that you don’t let the glass get too hot!

Storage For Your Snacks

Reuse old containers for food storage – they are great for storing food products like pickled onions, or homemade jams or beetroot. Pasta and foods such as flour, rice and sugar can be comfortably housed in large glass jars.

Save those Scheckles

Use a glass jar as a makeshift piggy bank, you’ll see your investment grow as your jar fills!

When you are ready to part with your glass bottles and jars, visit a glass bank in your area where you can recycle all your glass. To find a glass bank in your area, visit The Glass Recycling Company website right here. Happy recycling! | Facebook 

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