Hand Painted Tea Light Jars

Words: Crush

Make these super easy candle jars  – perfect to give soft, ambient lighting to your patio or balcony on a cool autumn evening. It’s also a handy way to upcycle and recycle old jars, something that you’re bound to have lots of lying around. We also like the idea of giving these away as gifts, or as a way to entertain the kids as they can personalise their own candle holder.

What You Need..

  • Glass jars – any size or shape as long as you can fit a candle inside.
  • Glass paint pens – we used Dala brand ‘Glass Artliners’
  • Tea lights or small votive candles.
  • Clean the labels off the glass jars with hot, soapy water. Ensure they are perfectly clean and dry.

Using the glass pens, create your desired pattern on the glass; the easiest way is to put your hand inside the glass and rotate it while drawing. Be careful not to smudge the pattern as you go.

Allow to dry for at least an hour.

Once dried, pop a tea light or small votive candle inside and light. There you go – a quick and easy way to jazz up an area, indoors or outside.

Optional: To create a hanging lantern, use thin wire to create a handle around the neck of the jar. Hang on a nearby tree branch or on a hook.

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