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Coffee culture in Cape Town has effectively reached cult status. Gone are the days that we sip on instant coffee or waste our precious coins on vending machines that produce hot bean-flavoured water. We treat ourselves to artisanal greatness, to full-bodied freshly-roasted bean perfection and enjoy a plethora of coffee variations unbeknownst to our forefathers. Sometimes we’re just a bunch of glorified coffee snobs who get a kick out of distinguishing our cappuccinos from our flat whites. Regardless, our coffee snobbery has given birth to a host of beautiful and beloved coffee shops in Cape Town that produce some kick-ass coffee.

This year we are shedding some light on our local, owner-run independent coffee establishments because if there was ever a year to #supportlocal, its 2021.

The Best Coffee Shops in Cape Town

Best Coffee Shops in Cape Town: Atlantic Seaboard

Bentley’s Bread Co.

Part of the Jarryd’s family group, this gorgeous new spot on Sea Point main road is serving up banging bread and brew for your morning carb ‘n coffee fix. The cute roadside cafe sports loads of character and amazing baked goodies to snack alongside your delish coffee.

Good to know: Try their pies, mmm…

Location: 162 Main Road, Sea Point
Hours: Saturday & Sunday: 08h00 – 15h00
Contact: 081 210 5320


best coffee shops in cape town

Based in the heart of Sea Point, Mischu is quite famous amongst coffee enthusiasts for being one of the most sublime coffee shops in Cape Town. Their speciality coffee blends are so good they’ve won awards. Check them out next time you visit Sea Point for a personalised coffee experience.

Good to know: They help start up other coffee shops and train many of the city’s baristas.

Location: 85A Regent Rd, Sea Point
Hours: Mon-Fri: 07h00-18h00 Sat & Sun: 08h00-18h00
Contact: 076 379 1693

Jason Bakery

best coffee shops in cape town

We love Jason Bakery for a whole lot of things, but coffee is right up there with our favourites. They serve up Salvador coffee, which is a Nicaraguan single estate certified organic coffee and it’s delish, but then again, so is everything on the menu.

Good to know: Make sure you get a doughssant with your coffee on Saturdays.

Location: 83 Main Rd, Green Point
Hours: Tues-sat: 07h00-14h00 Sun: 08h00-14h00
Contact: 021 433 0538


Pauline’s is probably one of the most gorgeous places to have your morning cup of joe. Their beans are roasted, direct from source, by Rosetta Roastery who pride themselves in sourcing single-estate coffee. They rotate their beans according to season, but you can expect beans from Central Africa, Central America and Indonesia. You can try a batch brewed coffee (one of the few places in Cape Town offering this type of brew) or an espresso based cup. If you’re interested in coffee and different methods of brewing, this is the place to go. The staff are really knowledgeable and passionate and serve up delicious, nuanced cups of coffee time after time.

Good to know: Their cinnamon and cardamon fika buns are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee. Served warm with a stick of butter.

Location: 277 Main Road, Sea Point
Hours: Mon-Fri 07h00-16h00 Sat 08h00-16h00 Sun 08h00-14h00
Contact: 021 205 4466

Cushty Neighbourhood Deli

Cushty’s is a neighbourhood cafe in the heart of Green Point, nestled on quaint St Georges Road. It’s a local institution and they definitely keep their neighbourhood locals caffeinated with great coffee and delicious breakfasts.

Good to know: They have a delicious range of deli products and frozen meals.

Location: 6 St George Road, Green Point
Hours: Mon – Sat 07h00 – 17h00 Sun 07h00 – 16h00
Contact: 072 654 2508

The Stranger’s Club

The Stranger’s Club is a celebration of local – local food, local produce and even local designers. It’s a gorgeous house in Green Point and it’s exactly where you should spend your Saturday morning.

Good to know: You can browse some incredible local fashion and jewellery designers in their retail section.

Location: 1 Braemar Road, Green Point
Hours: Mon – Fri 09h00 – 16h00 Sat 09h00- 14h00
Contact: 021 434 3540

Kleinsky’s Delicatessan

We pretty much love everything about Kleinsky’s, from their kick-ass Deluxe coffee to their crispy latkes, freshly made bagels, NY-style cheesecake, pastrami sandwiches and art-clad walls.

Good to know: They also have a stand at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market on Saturday mornings.

Location: 95 Regent Road, Sea Point
Hours: 08h00 – 17h00
Contact: 021 433 2871 | 082 583 4162

Jarryd’s Espresso Bar & Eatery

eggs benedict in cape town

Brothers, Jarryd and Ariel Segal, own this well-known Sea Point cafe. They serve up a seriously good coffee and a yummy menu of food as well. They focus on conscious dining and ingredients are responsibly sourced. Following the success of the Sea Point branch, they have also opened a Church Street cafe.

Good to know: you must try their banana bread – yum!

Location: 90 Regent Road | 75 Church Street
Hours: Mon-Sun 07h30-15h30
Contact: 074 076 0474

Best Coffee Shops in Cape Town: CBD

Kamili Coffee

Swahili for ‘perfect’, Kamili aims for just that – coffee perfection. With two locations in town, you’ll  be able to grab your coffee fix with ease from Harrington street or the corner of Shortmarket & Long.

Good to know: They have 14 coffee blends to choose from that you can also buy and take home.

Location: Cnr Shortmarket & Long
Hours: Mon – Fri: 07h00 – 18h00 Sat – Sun: 08h00 – 18h00
Contact: 060 864 2941

Molten Toffee

If you’re looking for a laidback spot with epic coffee, amazing food and friendly service then Molten Toffee is your go-to Cape Town coffee shop. It’s the type of cafe where the barista knows your name and your order and makes you feel instantly at home. Their coffee is an exceptional in house blend. Its the perfect spot to have a relaxed breakfast and lunch or work away from home for the day.

Good to know: They make the best toasties in Cape Town — try the avo pesto.

Location: 45b Kloof St | 161 Longmarket Street
Hours: Mon-Fri: 07h00-15h00 Sat: 07h00-14h00
Contact: 083 703 1162


House of Machines

best coffee shops in cape town

This Shortmarket Street coffee shop is biker-vibe legendary, and so is their coffee. This inviting space was created for sharing passions; with coffee and motorbikes at the forefront.

Good to know: When the sun goes down this spot turns into an epic bar.

Location: 84 Shortmarket St
Hours: Mon-Fri: 07h00-00h30 Sat: 09h00-00h30
Contact: 021 426 1400

Swan Café

best coffee shops in cape town

This charming crêperie is new on the block, and it serves up some fantastic coffee in a Parisian style setting. Think bird cages, colourful walls, and smashing French-style coffee.

Good to know: They have a mind-blowing savoury and sweet crêpes on the menu

Location: Corner Buitenkant and, Barrack St, Zonnebloem
Hours: Mon-Sun: 08h00-16h00
Contact: 079 454 4758

Pang Specialty Coffee

Only 6 months old, Pang has already established himself in Cape Town’s coffee scene. Serving up perfect cups every time, his coffee is truly delicious.

Good to know: Pang Specialty Coffee shares a space with Rook Cycles, so have a browse while you sip on your cup of joe.

Location: 173 Bree Street
Hours: Mon-Fri 07h00-15h00 | Sat 07h00-13h00
Contact: 084 202 5663

Coco Safar

Coffee at Coco Safar in Sea Point’s Artem Centre (previously Adelphi) is more than just a cup of Joe. The team pride themselves on an experience that places coffee and patisserie front and centre and no detail is spared. From their coffee to their teas, Viennoiserie, fine chocolates and more, there’s a a lot to take in. It’s tough to make a selection from their packed bakery section and it’ll take a few visits to try everything. First on the list should be their hazelnut croissant… or maybe the crème brûlée filled one… who are we kidding? You need to try them all!

Good to know: Their croissants have been voted some of the best in the world by Food & Wine and they really should be tasted to be believed. Otherworldly is what comes to mind.

Location: Ground Floor Artem Centre, 277 Main Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town
Hours: Mon-Sun 08h00-18h00
Contact: 021 433 1336

Molweni Coffee

Monde from Molweni Coffee serves you coffee with a smile. His only wish is to brighten your day with your daily dose of caffeine! Serving coffee from a container just off Kloof Street, Molweni Coffee is true innovation.

Good to know: They make a mean hot chocolate!

Location: 1 Dorman St, Gardens
Hours: Mon-Fri 07h00-17h00 | Sat 07h00 – 14h00
Contact: 060 647 8499

Deluxe Coffeeworks

best coffee shops in Cape Town

These guys are known as one of the best coffee shops in Cape Town. Deluxe has grown from strength to strength over the years, with a band of die-hard loyal fans following them from all corners of Cape Town. They have numerous coffee shops around CT, and an equally loyal band of restaurants that serve their brew.

Good to know: Subscribe to their page so you can create a monthly debit order for your coffs, so your mugs will never be left high and dry.

Location: 171a Buitenkant Street, Gardens
Hours: Mon-Fri: 07h00-17h00 Sat & Sun: 08h00-13h00
Contact: 021 462 3039

Rosetta Roastery

Rosetta Roastery has come to the CBD to share not only their incredible coffee, but also their eye for impeccable coffee shop design.  You’ll feel instantly elegant and very chic while sipping on a cup of single origin coffee and nibbling on a delicious pastry. Have a look at their selection of gorgeous Japanese flasks and ceramics while you’re there and take some of that style home with you.

Good to know: Try their delicious selection of pastries, especially their tonka bean canele!

Location: 101 Bree Street
Hours: Mon-Fri 08h00-16h00 | Sat 08h00-13h00
Contact: 021 447 4099

Facebook | Instagram

Dapper Coffee Co

Dapper Coffee Co is linked to a stylish car store, so if that’s your thing, enjoy looking at the sleek curves of a sports car while you enjoy your coffee. They serve breakfast and lunch and do so while looking ever-so-stylish.

Good to know: They have vegan choices on the menu.

Location: 61 Bree Street
Hours: 07h00 – 15h00
Contact: 021 001 2560

Truth Coffee

best coffee shops in cape town

All who love coffee will be familiar with this steampunk style establishment. Truth Coffee is truly one of the best coffee shops in Cape Town (and in fact the world as voted by journo Tom Midlane, MSN Travel), with their industrial-style interior decorated in metal and old machinery, and full-bodied beans roasted in-house in their vintage cast iron drum.

Good to know: The Telegraph placed truth coffee first for best coffee shops in the world in 2016.

Location: 36 Buitenkant St
Hours: Mon-Fri: 06h00-18h00 Sat: 08h00-18h00 Sun: 08h00-16h00
Contact: 021 200 0440


Haas is a truly special place in the CBD that not only serves fantastic coffee, but offers a platform for young creatives to showcase their work. It’s in equal parts a coffee, advertising and arts & design collective, of which all parts are interconnected.

Good to know: Sample the Jamaican Blue Mountain – shade grown on the misty slopes of the Jamaican mountains at an altitude of 1700m or higher and hand-picked to select only the most perfect beans

Location: 19 Buitenkant St
Hours: Mon-Fri: 07h00-17h00 Sat & Sun: 08h00-15h00
Contact: 021 461 1812

Origin Coffee Roasting

Origin Coffee Roasting focuses on trying to maintain the widest selection of single origin coffee in South Africa. Their coffee shop in De Waterkant is located close to the vibey Cape Quarter, and you can find their blends at over 80 stores around the country.

Good to know: They have a barista academy that has trained over 4000 Baristas

Location: 28 Hudson St, De Waterkant
Hours: Mon-Fri: 07h00-17h00 Sat: 08h00-15h00 Sun: 08h00-14h00
Contact: 021 421 1000

Best Coffee Shops in Cape Town: Woodstock/Observatory

Byblos Trading Co.

Part of the Mischu family, Byblos Trading Co is serving authentic, Turkish-style coffees that are honestly to die for. The coffee is served with traditional Turkish Ibriks (coffee pot) alongside locally made Lebanese baked goods.

Good to know: The owner encourages patrons to relax and drink their coffee with a game of backgammon.

Location: The Palms Décor and Lifestyle Centre, 145 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock
Hours: Mon – Fri: 08h00 – 16h00
Contact: 021 461 2612

Flat Mountain

Named after iconic Table Mountain, Flat Mountain is an ode to the culture of Cape Town, and what would the culture of Cape Town be without bad-ass coffee? This spot in Woodstock brews a really amazing cup of coffee.

Good to know: You can buy their beans online.

Location: 101 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock
Hours: Mon-Fri: 06h00-15h00 Sat: 09h00-13h00
Contact: 074 115 8441

The Firebird Cafe

This new kid on the block feels of an edgy biker bar, except its cosy and sells excellent coffee with some delicious snacks on the side. If you don’t live in the neighbourhood, a trip to Firebird is definitely worth the drive to Obs.

Good to know: They stock specialty coffee in store from Run Rabbit Run Coffee Roastery.

Location: 16 Tasman Road, Observatory
Hours: Mon-Fri: 07h30-15h00 | Sat 07h30 -12h30
Contact: WhatsApp 083 469 5571

Facebook | Instagram

Field Office

Field Office is a popular meeting place attracting creatives, cyclists, designers, architects, the cool kids and those seeking a spot to be a little more serious. The kind of place that wants you to order a coffee and hang around a while.

Good to know: The art and furniture inside, designed by Perderson and Lennard, is for sale.

Location:  66 Albert Rd, Woodstock | 34 Salisbury Rd Woodstock
Hours: Mon-Fri: 07h30-16h30 Sat: 09h00-14h00
Contact: 021 447 2771

Timbuktu, Observatory

You don’t have to go all the way to Ethiopia to have authentic Ethiopian-style coffee. It’s just a hop skip away at Timbuktu, and no, not the far away Timbuktu our dads used to make jokes about – this one is in cosy Observatory. Expect coffee served in traditional jebenas.

Good to know: Authentic Ethiopian food served here too.

Location: Lower Main Rd, Observatory
Hours: Mon-Sat: 07h00-23h00 Sun: 08h00-23h00
Contact: 021 447 4293


Saint James, Observatory

A quintessential neighbourhood coffee shop in the heart of Obs, Saint James has been a local favourite for years. Their coffee is incredible, service outstanding and they do an exceptional breakfast. If you’re in the area, don’t miss this gem. If you live in Obs, you’re probably there right now.

Good to know: If you’re lucky, you’ll get there in time for a cardamon fika bun.

Location: 43 Station Rd, Observatory
Hours: Mon-Fri 06h30-16h00 | Sat-Sun 06h30-15h30


Best Coffee Shops in Cape Town: Southern Suburbs

Four & Twenty Cafe and Pantry, Wynberg

Situated in Wynberg’s gorgeous Chelsea Village, Four & Twenty is a local favourite. Their delicious coffee is only made better accompanied by one of their gorgeous pastries or sweet treats.

Good to know: Take home a treat from their pantry.

Location: 23 Wolfe St, Wynberg
Hours: Mon-Sat 08h00-17h00 | Sun 08h00 – 16h00
Contact: 021 762 0975

Coffee Bloc Buitenverwagting


Housed in a historic farm building on the Buitenverwagting wine farm, Coffee Bloc offers delicious artisan coffee, roasted in-house.

Good to know: You can watch the roasting process while you’re at the coffee shop.

Location: Buitenverwachting, Klein Constantia Road, Constantia
Hours: Mon-Fri: 08h00-17h00 Sat: 08h30-15h30
Contact: 021 794 4468

Starlings Café

Definitely at the top of our list of best coffee shops in Cape Town. The gorgeous fairytale garden in the back is brilliantly green, dotted with artistic mirrors, and draped in vines. The coffee is sublime, along with everything else from the service to the menu and vibe.

Good to know: They have the most amazing brekkies

Location: 94 Belvedere Rd, Claremont
Hours: Mon-Fri: 07h00-17h00 Sat: 08h00-16h00
Contact: 021 671 6875

Black Box Coffeeworks

Cape Town’s first artisan coffee drive through. Black Box is perfectly situated at the top of Constantia Nek Circle and offers delicious coffee made with Deluxe beans. Grab one after your Saturday hike!

Good to know: They’re completely off the grid and eco-friendly!

Location: Constantia Nek Circle, Constantia
Hours: Mon-Fri: 07h00-17h00 Sat: 08h00-16h00
Contact: 078 663 0059

Olympia, Kalk Bay

Olympia is the go-to spot in Kalk Bay for your morning cuppa joe, and definitely on the top of our list of best coffee shops in Cape Town.

Good to know: They also have some of the best bread in Cape Town

Location: 134 Main Road, Kalk Bay
Hours: Mon-Sun: 07h00-21h00
Contact: 021 788 6396

Bob’s Bagel Cafe, Kalk Bay

Up a cobbled lane in Kalk Bay you’ll find the cute hole-in-the-wall that is Bob’s Bagels. The tiny spot offers killer coffee, and well, you guessed it, pretty killer bagels too. If you have kids, it’s a great place on a Saturday or Sunday morning to take a drive out to. In front of the cafe is a really cute park – kids can run wild while you take in a cuppa Joe and some breakfast.

Location: 6 Rouxville Rd, Kalk Bay
Hours: 07h30-15h00 weekdays and 07h30-16h00 weekends
Contact: 083 280 0012



  1. Great list! Have you guys tried Dalebrook Cafe in Kalk Bay yet? Great new spot that just opened across from the tidal pool – love a coffee after a swim!!!

  2. Hey. You guys need to try The Deli Cafe, next door Auguat deli .ssme owners…just expanded into a bigger space with a more cafe vibe.

  3. Are there no coffee shops in the northern suburbs? Just asking? Durbanville is closer to Cape Town than Kalk Bay or is north of the “Boerewors” curtain not important?

    • Good point Buck, we know of Choclat in Durbanville but don’t know of many others, please feel free to let us know so we can check them out 🙂

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