Six Tips for Nailing your Wacky Wine Weekend Experience

Words: Karl Tessendorf

Ah, Wacky Wine Weekend! How we love thee. You somehow manage to take an entire town and turn it into one big wine festival with over forty wineries taking part. It’s pretty much like the Oscars of wine festivals except everyone’s a winner. It’s four days of wine, food, music, activities, and making memories that you won’t remember, just kidding. While it is all about the wine, there are also many other things to do. Here’s our list of six tips for this year’s fest!

Six Tips For Nailing Your Wacky Wine Weekend

Warm Clothes and Wellies

Yes, it may seem like an obvious one but you’d be surprised how many people get caught out. As June approaches there’s only one thing you need to remember and we think Jon Snow summed it up best, “Winter is coming…”. While the winters in Roberston are far from Castle Black’s blistering winds and icy walls, it is still cold. So pack some gear and most importantly pack a pair of wellies. This is the country after all and mud is something that comes with the terroir. If you’re feeling uber stylish then spring for a pair of Hunters.

Designated Driver

Have you ever met or been a designated driver? They’re generally the person at the table wishing they were at home in their underpants binge-watching series. Unfortunately, someone has to drive you hooligans around at the festival but as luck would have it, the organisers of the Wacky are one step ahead. Due to the zero drink-driving policy of the town, they’ve organised a team of designated drivers that you can book. They’ll drive your car for you and they’ll even listen to your stories no matter how many times you repeat them. There are also a myriad of other transport options such as shuttle buses on offer. Check out the Wacky site for details.


Plan your Attack

A wise man once said, “if you don’t plan your attack at the Wacky then how do you intend to drink all the fine wine?” Who are we kidding, we just made that up but it does have a ring of truth to it don’t you think? With so many events and amazing things happening over the weekend, it really does pay to think ahead. Take a good squiz at the programme and see all the bands you like, drink all your favourite wines, hit all the best food stalls and make the most of the Wacky.


Handle that Hangover

“I’m never drinking again!”, said everybody ever. Hangovers, yes, they happen but with a little routine maintenance, they can be easier to get through. The first stop on most people’s road to recovery is the headache pill. Choose your poison and get it in. From there we like to hit a Berocca to grease the wheels of repair. After that, we hit an Essentiale because whatever black magic is in those things just works. Then we’d recommend a pie from Die Bakkery on Truter Street washed down with a Rehidrate blackcurrant flavour. Alternatively, forgo all previous steps and just have another glass of wine.

Boat Break

Is the hustle and bustle of the festival getting to be too much? Do you dream of breaking away to a quiet space where you can sip your wine in peace? Then maybe you should book a river cruise on the cool waters of the Breede. It will give you a chance to get your bearings and see the countryside from a different angle. Provided you’re looking at anything other than the inside of your wine glass, you should see a variety of bird species and who knows, you might just meet that special someone.

Lamb Chop Takeaway

We’ve saved this one for last because yes it is a little strange, and yes it has nothing to do with the Wacky, but it might just be the most important tip we have so listen up. Before you leave Robertson you need to head past the local butchery in town called Pinto’s. It’s a family run butchery and they have some seriously good lamb. Chat to Heidi and get her to sort you out with some thick cut lamb loin chops. When you get home braai those suckers and whip up this mint salsa verde. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

meet the meat lamb

Bonus Round

We’re giving three lucky people the chance to win 2 tickets each to this year’s Wacky Wine Festival. To enter CLICK HERE.

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