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Rupert and Rothschild Vignerons was born out of the partnering of two iconic families in 1997. A visit to the tasting room on this exquisite estate just outside of Franschhoek is an inspiring example of how with the right vision, pairing or collaboration, can strengthen two world-renowned brands – much like how wine served with the perfect dish can complement flavour profiles, or how architecture can frame natural beauty.
The drive through the estate, established in 1690, takes you around a large square of vineyards and on to a road flanked by beautifully manicured gardens. The tasting room is nestled between the vineyards and the landscaped gardens and is bordered by a low, white farm wall, which stretches through an olive orchard to the imposing Simonsberg mountains.

The tasting room has been designed to pair perfectly with the unique and beautiful setting. The glass wall folds back to allow guests to take in the magnificent surroundings. It  is elegant and contemporary in décor and a long, curved wine bar takes centre stage.

Amongst the chic contemporary finishing’s a simple wall plays homage to the two founders of the estate – the late Dr Anton Rupert of South Africa and the late Baron Edmond de Rothschild of France. In addition, there is a beautiful outdoor tasting area if the mood and weather are right.
Rupert and Rothschild produce just three wines – a Chardonnay (Baroness Nadine) and two red blends – Baron Edmund (get your hands on one of these if you can) and Classique. The tasting centre also showcases a selection of wines from the Rothschild estates in France, Argentina and New Zealand.

Head Chef Carmen Muller, who has built up a close working relationship with experienced winemaker Schalk-Willhem Joubert, has risen to the challenge of pairing these exceptional wines with food packed with rich flavours.

There is a choice of two pairing menus. The first pairs the three local Rupert & Rothschild wines with delicious food and the second, larger pairing menu will take you around the globe with some of the finest wines on offer from the Rothschild stable.

Memorable pairings were the ‘Macaroni cheese’ ­­– a mini pasta pot topped with cheese and served with tender, pasture reared beef in a Baron Edmund reduction jus. Pork belly, crusted in ‘crackling popcorn’ on a bed of cauliflower purée, and heirloom vegetables, paired with R&R Classique. The Rimpere Sauvignon Blanc 2014 from New Zealand, paired with a light, delicate serving of squid and Baron de Rothschild Champagne Brut, perfectly paired with fresh local Franschhoek trout ceviche, producing mouthfuls of clean, flavourful minerality.
Chef Carmen is not satisfied with merely creating delicious pairings – she creates weekly plat du jour dishes from locally sourced ingredients, to give expression to her own creativity and to keep the menu fresh and exciting. You can expect big, rich and layered flavours building on a classical French base.

The cheese platter is to die for. Locals will enjoy the opportunity to taste cheeses such as the Délice de Favires Truffé – truffle laced Brie from the Rothschild estate in France.

Rupert and Rothschild Vignerons offer an exceptional and well thought out wine tasting experience. A pairing of international and local flavours, chef with winemaker, fine service with elegant setting, food with wine, architecture with exquisite surroundings and Franschhoek with the world. If you’re a wino, or a foodie, this is one pairing experience you should not miss. A real treat, and right on our doorstep.

Wine Tasting and Sales

Monday to Friday: 10h00 to 16h30 | Saturday: 10h00 to 16h00 | Closed Sundays and Religious Public Holidays

Read more about head chef Carmen Muller HERE.

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