Pinotage On Tap at Diemersfontein Happens 28 September 2019

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There are certain highlights on anyone’s annual event calendar, such as your birthday, Christmas, Easter, a bucket-list overseas trip and so on, but for the avid wine-lover, and more specifically, a South African, red wine lover, Pinotage On Tap is, in all likelihood, right up there with the most exciting events of the year!

It’s POT time! (not the green type)

If you are not yet entirely familiar with the annual migration to the Diemersfontein Wine Estate “Pinotage On Tap” events, (also referred to as “POT” – but not the green type) and you enjoy a good glass of Pinotage, (whether you’re converted yet or not), the next bit of information may well bond with your line of interests…

Pinotage On Tap – The Origins

The original event took root some 15 years ago, with what was initially intended to only be a once-off, small gathering of Pinotage fans, held on the Diemersfontein wine farm in Wellington, in celebration of the new vintage of Diemersfontein Pinotage.

No one at that time quite realised just how extremely popular this genius creation of Pinotage was to become.

Skip a few years and this wine, the original Coffee Chocolate Pinotage has swooped a global fan following and an event with one of the biggest wine festival brand names in the country.

The Pinotage party of the year

Pinotage On Tap never disappoints, and that has remained the core criteria on the event game plan all along. The organisers of this event have put together all the aspects that have made this event so popular. The festival begins at 12h00 – and the sooner you’re at the gate, the sooner you get to enter the Pinotage party of the year!

What you need to know

It works like this: You receive a welcome gift on arrival, as well as your branded POT wine glass as your pass to the endless flow of the ultimate deep-ruby juice of the God Bacchus. Literally from the barrel taps!

Add to that, you will be entertained by no less than three reputable live bands performing on the day. As well as games, competitions and a variety of foods on offer to ensure your appetite is kept happy too. This year The Bottomless Coffee band, Newton & Co and Amy Jones that will keep you on the dance floor.

If you are now tempted, join the team at Diemersfontein Wine Estate on 28 September 2019.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a die-hard-return POT festival-goer, you are sure to have a day you’ll remember.

Perhaps dancing in front of the stage, glass in hand is your thing, or perhaps you prefer to wine-down on a picnic blanket in the back somewhere. Here you can enjoy your company of friends or a loved one, all whilst taking in the incredible atmosphere of music, celebration, food, and wine! It’s all possible at this event – and your good-time is the order of the day!

Book your Tickets

Tickets are R295 per person from Quicket and include your welcome gift, endless Pinotage wine on tap, live music, spoils, freebies and numerous other surprises on the day. Tickets will be available online soon – watch out for the announcement of ticket sales opening on Facebook. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Buy Tickets

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