NOMU Vanilla: Passionate flavour for your baking!

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NOMU’s award-winning vanilla products are made from the finest hand-harvested Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla and will change the way you use vanilla forever. NOMU Vanilla delivers mess-free, accurate measures with every use in stylish, innovative packaging.

NOMU Vanilla

Nomu Vanilla Extract

Unlike most vanilla essence products, which are primarily artificial in nature, NOMU Vanilla Extract is the real deal – an authentic, true flavour extract cold processed from pure, hand-harvested Madagascan Bourbon vanilla beans. It’s the perfect ingredient for desserts and baking. While vanilla pods tend to dry out quickly, NOMU Vanilla Extract stays fresh for ages, and the added bonus is that you won’t have to go through the schlep of scraping out the seeds – we’ve done it for you.

Nomu Vanilla Paste

NOMU Vanilla Paste contains pure vanilla seeds combined with cold pressed Vanilla Extract, and comes in an ingenious (if we say so ourselves!) mess-free dispenser pump. The paste form ensures an even distribution of visible vanilla seeds, which means that everything you make will look totally professional and seriously yummy.

Tips for Using Nomu Vanilla

Add a few drops of Vanilla Extract to a mug of steaming NOMU Hot Chocolate or cup of coffee for an alternative twist, or live on the edge and add a few drops to wild mushroom risotto for a surprisingly incredible result!

Swirl NOMU Vanilla Paste through whipped cream with squashed raspberries and a sprinkling of icing sugar or stir into natural yoghurt to serve with granola or fruit. For an easy dessert, mix into mascarpone cheese with a splash of cream and a teaspoon of castor sugar to serve with a bowl of fresh strawberries, poached stone fruit or griddled pears. Try this beautiful Pear and Vanilla Honey Pudding pictured below.

Try NOMU’s delicious Vanilla Panna Cotta with Pomegranate Jelly recipe, and keep an eye on their blog for new and exciting additions to their vanilla range in the future.

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