Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar

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Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar is a concept gin joint in Bree Street, which opened it’s doors nearly three years ago. Owners and brothers, Mark and Rob couldn’t have anticipated the overwhelming response they received, as Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar has become one of the most popular spots to laze summer nights away. 

Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar

Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar

The exterior is somewhat reminiscent of a speak-easy… blending perfectly into its surroundings at the top of Bree Street, with no real signage besides the name just above the windows – giving patrons a sense that they are onto something trendy but with old-world charm. The interior is dimly lit with high wooden tables and stools and low hanging plants. The wooden bar is a front for a treasure trove of bottles of the best gins imported from around the world and displayed in an eye-catching array of sizes, ages and colours.

The beautiful wooden floor leads to stairs at the far end of the room which takes you to a comfortable chill-out lounging area with a magnificent white leather.

The wind protected, open-air courtyard with twinkling fairy lights overhead is reminiscent of something you might find in New York City – just the place to unwind with a couple drinks, catch up with friends and to enjoy one of the charcuterie platters to share.

Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar

Take your pick from classic gin cocktails, or be adventurous and try one of the bars gin-reimagined delights such as Marmalade Tea, a Sencha-based cocktail with an incredibly refreshing kick, or a Dirty Sanchez, red vermouth, cherry liqueur, bitters and gin.

Don’t worry, you won’t be judged for sticking to the old faithful G&T – this is the spot to have the perfect version.

A seemingly endless list of different gins are on offer and can be paired with one of your favourite tonics and a garnish of your choice, such as lime, cucumber and mint. With such a crafted product one can expect to wait a few minutes for a drink, but the end product is well worth it, so why not kick back in the beautiful setting and enjoy the finest that Cape Town has to offer.

219 Bree Street, City Bowl, Cape Town | Facebook 

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