Wine Red

The Mentors Orchestra


South African wine farmers founded KWV with the aim of stabilising, supporting and structuring a young, struggling industry, in 1918. KWV played a central role in regulating the industry until the early 1990s when world markets opened to South African wines.

The Mentors range honours the diversity of terroir and climate, which influence the differing South African wine styles.

The chosen grapes are mentored throughout the process, resulting in wines that reflect the best South Africa has to offer. As with a fine orchestra, this blend showcases the unique individual attributes of the different varietals, but together they deliver a complexity beyond the sum of the components.

On the nose: there is layered savoury with aromas such as eucalyptus, red berries and fragrant violets which greet your nose.

On the palate: is juicy and has a well-structured with street fruit flavours layers and a lingering, smooth finish. 

KWV The mentors