Best Kloof Street Restaurants: Where to Eat and Drink

Words: Jess Spiro

Kloof Street is one of those eternally cool spots in Cape Town. It’s known for great boutiques, cool galleries and of course, fantastic restaurants. It can be hard keeping up with all of them, so we’ve rounded up all the Kloof Street restaurants.


Kloof Street Restaurants Arnold's Restaurant

Arnold’s is an institution when you’re talking about restaurants on Kloof Street, and they still offer their famous early bird breakfast special before 07h00. Will cure a hangover in no time.

Location: 60 Kloof Street
Good to know: They also have an afternoon happy hour that features half-prices snacks and drinks.
Opening times: Monday – Friday: 06h45 – 22h00. Saturday – Sunday: 08h00 – 22h00
Contact: 021 424 4344


kloof street restaurants

Another old favourite of the Kloof Street crowd, Asoka is the spot to go for drinks, dinner and dancing. They also offer a great special on Mondays that allow you to order three plates of snacks for R195.

Location: 68 Kloof Street
Good to know: The courtyard is the perfect spot for summer evening drink.
Opening times: Monday – Saturday: 17h00 – 02h00.
Contact: 021 422 0909


kloof street restaurants

Do we really need to tell you about Bacini’s? This is easily one of the best restaurants on Kloof Street, known for its comforting neighbourhood feel and delicious food. Their pizza is one of our favourites.

Location: 177 Kloof street
Good to know: Order the lasagna. Don’t ask questions.
Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 12h00 – 22h30
Contact:  021 423 6668

Bombay Bicycle Club

kloof street restaurants

A Kloof Street Restaurant worth visiting. Quirky and a little silly, Bombay Bicycle is part of the Madame Zingara group, but despite it’s whimsical air, they serve up some pretty serious food.

Location: 158 Kloof Street
Good to know: They really do make the best ribs this side of town.
Opening times: Monday – Saturday: 16h00 – 23h00
Contact: 021 423 6805

Black Sheep

kloof street restaurants

With an ever-changing menu, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get at this restaurant towards the top of Kloof. We love the blackboard menu-vibes, and food overall.

Location: 104 Kloof Street
Good to know: They allow corkage at R70
Opening times: Monday: 18h30 – 24h00. Tuesday – Saturday: 12h00 – 24h00
Contact: 021 426 2661

Bootlegger Coffee Shop(s)

Kloof Street Restaurants Bootleggers on Kloof

This Kloof Street restaurant has two spots along Kloof. It’s a coffee shop franchise that never wants you to go without good food and good coffee for too long.

Location: 112 Kloof Street & KSV Shop 8 Kloof Street
Good to know: Enjoy half-priced burgers from 16h30 until close, everyday.
Opening times: Monday – Friday: 06h30 – 17h30. Saturday – Sunday: 07h30 – 15h30
Contact: 021 201 1373

Café Paradiso

kloof street restaurants

Like sitting down to a meal at friend’s house, Cafe Paradiso is the perfect restaurant for whatever occasion you’re planning. Call ahead and book a table outside – they’ll even let your dog join you.

Location: 110 Kloof Street
Good to know: They offer kids projects such as cupcake icing, so the little ones are entertained while you eat
Opening times: Monday – Saturday: 09h00 – 22h00. Sunday: 10h00 – 15h00
Contact:  021 422 0403

Carne SA

Kloof Street Restaurants Carne

Owned by the celebrated Italian chef, Giorgio Nava, this restaurant is an ode to meat.

Location: 153 Kloof
Good to know: Vegetarians are not advised unless you are comfortable being confronted with meat – lots of raw meat.
Opening times: Monday – Saturday: 12h00– 15h00 & 18h30 – 22h00
Contact: 021 426 5566

Cocoa Oola

kloof street restaurants

Part of the Cocoa group, Cocoa Oola serves up light meals from breakfast to lunch and through to dinner. They are known for their great burgers and pizzas and there will be something to suit all appetites. There’s a great R49 pasta special on Tuesdays and an R49 burger special on Wednesdays.

Location: 100 Kloof Street
Good to know: Check out their weekday specials.
Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 07h00-23h00
Contact: 021 422 3638

Da Vinci’s on Kloof


Well-loved for their thin based pizza and laid-back vibe and it’s for good reason too. The deck is the perfect spot to chill with a cold beer and pizza.

Location: 70 Kloof Street
Good to know: They really do make the best crispy based pizzas in town.
Opening times: Monday – Friday: 11h30 – 23h30
Contact: 021 424 7504

Deluxe Coffeeworks Kloof Street

Kloof Street Restaurants Deluxe Coffeeworks on Kloof

A little bit hidden, but a great stop for a coffee on-the-go.

Location: 8 Kloof Street
Good to know:  You can buy your bag of fresh coffee beans here, but don’t expect different milk alternatives/choices.
Opening times: Monday-Friday: 07h00-16h00. Saturday: 08h00-13h00
Contact: 060 871 6561

Eat Stanbul

Kloof Street Restaurants Eat Stanbul

A casual Turkish restaurant with an authentic and halal menu.

Location: 64 Kloof Street
Good to know: Authentic Turkish food and experience
Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 11h30-late
Contact: 021 422 1989



kloof street restaurants

Hudson’s needs no introduction, if you’re after a simply fantastic burger and a great vibe, then look no further. It’s busy for a reason.

Location: 69A Kloof Street
Good to know: They make their burgers with Frankie Fenner’s patties, which are easily the best burger patties on the planet.
Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 12h00 – 23h00


kloof street restaurants

An institution in Cape Town, the Kloof street branch of this bakery means you can get a hearty breakfast and good coffee on the way into work.

Location: 50 Kloof Street
Good to know: Plenty of freshly baked good served daily.
Opening times: Monday – Saturday: 07h00 – 22h00. Sunday: 08h00 – 17h00
Contact:  021 424 1666

Kloof Street House

kloof street restaurants

Kloof Street house is one of those dreamy restaurants you can visit for any occasion. The simple, French-inspired menu will have something for everyone. The decor is opulent, making it great for a special occasion.

Location: 30 Kloof Street
Good to know: Book for the courtyard in summer and next to the fireplace in winter.
Opening times: Monday: 17h00 – 02h00. Tuesday – Sunday: 12h00 – 02h00
Contact: 021 423 4413

Lekker Vegan

Kloof Street Restaurants Lekker Vegan

Vegan-friendly food doesn’t have to be bland and boring – or even exceptionally healthy. Lekker Vegan offers all the comfort and happiness of junk food, “just better and cruelty-free”.

Location: 105 Kloof Street
Good to know: The most gourmet and appetising ‘junk food’ ever!
Opening times: Monday-Thursday: 12h00-22h00. Friday-Saturday: 12h00-23h00. Sunday: 12h00-21h00.
Contact: Message via Facebook or Instagram

Liquorice and Lime

This little gem sits right at the top of Kloof Street and has quietly produced some of the city’s best breakfasts. Its a cosy little spot that gets really busy with locals in the area picking up coffee and pastries. 

Location: 162 Kloof Street
Good to know: Their salmon fish cakes are fantastic.
Opening times: Monday – Friday: 07h00 – 17h00. Saturday – Sunday: 07h00 – 16h00
Contact: 021 4236921

Manna Epicure

kloof street restaurants

Manna is one of those perennial restaurants that has been around for years and has consistently made some of the best breakfasts in town. Cool and bright this spot seamlessly transitions from breakfast to lunch and then dinner.

Location: 151 Kloof Street
Good to know: They are open for dinner and offer a menu as simple and delicious as their breakfast.
Opening times: Monday & Sunday: 08h00 – 21h00. Tuesday – Saturday: 08h00 – 22h00.
Contact: 021 426 2413<

Mixa’s Shwarma

Kloof Street Restaurants Mixa's

Mixa’s has been around since the dawn of Kloof – it would seem. A bar with many regulars and many specials, it also has a Kloof Street restaurant that serves food for that post-party drunk grub. It is open every day from early morning until, well, very early morning for the prime munchie-stop.

Location: 11A Palmhof Centre, Kloof Street
Good to know: skip the fish special…
Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 7h00-2h00
Contact: 021 424 2141


Molten Toffee

kloof street restaurants

This tiny spot serves up delicious breakfasts, great coffee and even some guilt-free raw treats. We’re fans.

Location: 45B Kloof Street
Good to know: They offer a build-your-own breakfast, so you can order exactly what you want.
Opening times: Monday – Friday: 07h00 – 17h00. Saturday: 07h00 – 15h00
Contact: 021 422 2885


Dark Horse

This place is more than just a bar, it’s also a tucked away eatery that is conscious about what they serve. Comfort food, that is not only good but could also be described as adventurous. All dishes are served on small plates, perfect for sharing or assembling into a full meal. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are all available. Did we mention that there is a rooftop view of Table Mountain to die for. You’re guaranteed to have a good time at this hidden gem.

Location: 145 Kloof Street
Good to know: Can be tough to find parking nearby, so uber if you can.
Opening times: Mon-Sat 16h00-late
Contact: 021 422 0825

NY Slice


Less of a restaurant, more of a window to grab pizza slices but therein lies the beauty. NY Slice is one of the only places open late – so when a craving grabs you this is your go-to spot. Open until 03h00 on Friday and Saturday so there’s no excuse not to line the tummy.

Location: 49 Kloof Street
Good to know: free delivery in the area until 23h00.
Opening times: Mon-Wed 11h00-midnight | Thurs 11h00 – 01h00 | Fri-Sat 11h00 – 03h00 | Sun 11h00 – 23h00
Contact: 021 426 4141

Peppertree Café

Kloof Street Restaurants Peppertree Cafe

In place of the formerly known Melissa’s Food Shop, Peppertree Café is renowned for its bakery.

Location: 94 Kloof Street
Good to know: Sit down for a coffee, breakfast, lunch, early dinner, or purchase packaged goods at the gourmet food shop.
Opening times: Monday-Thursday: 7h00 – 18h00. Friday: 7h00-19h00. Saturday-Sunday: 8h00-17h00
Contact: 021 424 5540

Prashad Cafe

Kloof Street Restaurants Prashad Cafe

Styled like a modern-day café, here you can catch a quick coffee and snack, or enjoy the robust taste of Indian cuisine.

Location: 11B Palmhof Centre, Kloof Street
Good to know: Pure vegan and vegetarian Indian Cuisine
Opening times: Monday-Saturday: 11h00-21h00
Contact: 021 422 0264


Kloof Street Restaurants Robinhood

Dig into gourmet beef, chicken, skinny, vegan and vegetarian burgers or spoil yourself with juicy grills. Grass-fed beef and free-range chicken is locally sourced with their aim to contribute towards upliftment and employment for locals and different charities. A very cool restaurant to get behind!

Location: 66 Kloof Street
Good to know: With every bite you take, you donate to their charity of the moment
Opening times: Monday-Thursday: 11h00-23h00. Friday-Saturday: 11h00-24h00
Contact: 021 286 3353


kloof street restaurants

This little place keeps it pretty traditional with their Vietnamese menu and their location on Kloof street is bright and airy.

Location: Cnr of Kloof and Camp Street
Good to know: Their dumplings have a cult following.
Opening times: Saturday: 18h00 – 22h30. Monday – Friday & Sunday: 12h00 –14h30, 18h00 –22h30
Contact: 021 424 7670


Stacked Diner

kloof street restaurants

Stacked is committed to producing fast food well. Their ingredients are locally sourced and their beef and chicken are free-range.

Location: 60B Kloof Street
Good to know: They make a good burger. Like, a really good one. And their ‘Stacked Jacks’ (flapjacks) are highly recommended!
Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 07h30 – 22h30
Contact: 021 422 1572

Striped Horse

Kloof Street Restaurants Striped Horse

Whether you’re in the mood for an ice-cold beer, authentic Mexican Tequila, “scrumptious” grub, pizza or good music, you’re in fine company at The Horse.

Location: 84 Kloof Street
Good to know: Their pizza is on a delicious thin-crust.
Opening times: Sunday-Thursday: 16h00-late Friday: 14h00-late. Sat: 12h00-late
Contact:072 192 2518

Sushi Box

Kloof Street Restaurants Sushi Box

Always tasty and bright plates which is exactly what you hope for when ordering seafood and fresh veg.

Location: 50 Kloof Street
Good to know: BYOB with no corkage and great lunch specials on poké bowls
Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 11h30-21h00
Contact: 072 171 6512

The Conscious Kitchen

the Conscious Kitchen

The newest addition to Kloof Street Restaurants: The Conscious Kitchen. With a menu that is mainly plant-based, most of the ingredients from this Café and Juice Bar are sourced locally.

Location: 34 Kloof Street
Good to know: They try to stay away from plastic packaging as much as possible – from the purchasing of ingredients to serving and displaying their menu items.
Opening times: Monday-Friday: 7h00-17h00. Saturday-Sunday: 8h00-15h00
Contact: 084 341 2026


the Poké co.

Kloof Street Restaurants The Poke co

One of the trendiest and most ‘instagrammable’ food crazes of last decade was the vibrant poké bowl. With fresh ingredients arranged most aesthetically in a bowl, the Poké co. offers many set-menu bowls with exciting flavour combinations, or you can build your own bowl. Healthy and yummy!

Location: 47 Kloof Street
Good to know: Their smoothie and health bowls are all/either gluten-free, refined-sugar-free and/or vegan
Opening times: Monday-Saturday: 8h00-21h30. Sunday: 10h00-21h30
Contact: +27 66 047 2731

Tiger’s Milk and Splendida Bar

kloof street restaurants

The popular franchise has found a seriously cool home on Kloof Street. The restaurant features indoor seating but where you really want to be is outside in the courtyard under the pretty outdoor lights and greenery. Great burgers and pizzas as you would expect from the group.

Location: 55 Kloof Street
Good to know: great for sundowners.
Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 12h00 – 00h00.
Contact: 021 286 2209

Today & Tomorrow

Today and Tomorrow on Kloof

A new venture of Yours Truly, with the same ethos and a few added extras. It’s a restaurant with a wax bar, meaning they’ll play host to DJ’s throughout the week.

Location: 71 Kloof Street
Good to know: The DJ’s only play vinyl!
Opening times: Sunday-Tuesday: 8h00-24h00. Wednesday-Saturday: 08h00-02h00
Contact: 021 422 0175

Toni’s on Kloof

Toni's on Kloof

Mozambican Portuguese cuisine with very traditional Portuguese recipes.

Location: 88 Kloof Street
Good to know: You can’t have Portuguese cuisine without the peri-peri
Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 11h30-15h00 & 18h00-22h00
Contact: 021 423 7617

Unframed Ice Cream

Unframed ice cream on Kloof

Unframed is not a restaurant per se but it does serve ice cream and everyone needs dessert right? Pop in for seriously crafted and delicious ice cream and look out for their vegan options.

Location: 45C Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town
Good to know: their turmeric ice cream is amazing.
Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 11h00-23h00
Contact: 063 601 0287

Unfiltered Eighteen on Kloof

Unfiltered 18 on Kloof

Expect Neopolitan pizzas, street-food-inspired cuisine, and small-batch beers from this Kloof Street Restaurant.

Location: 18 Kloof Street
Good to know: R25 beers from 14h00-16h00
Opening times: Monday-Saturday: 12h00-23h00
Contact: 083 871 2680

Van Hunks

Kloof Street Van Hunks

Embracing the pub vibe, Van Hunk’s is where you head for casual drinks and great food.

Location: Cnr Kloof and Upper Union
Good to know: They offer a special of two burgers for R100 on Sundays. Perfect for nursing your hangover.
Opening times: Sunday – Thursday: 10h00 – 23h00. Friday – Saturday: 10h00 – 02h00
Contact: 021 422 5422


Kloof Street Restaurants Vida e Caffe

This month they celebrated their heritage with the reopening of their first store on Kloof Street, Cape Town which first opened its doors in 2001.

Location: 34 Kloof
Good to know: You can download the app and order your coffee beforehand to avoid waiting.
Opening times: Monday-Friday: 07hoo-18h00. Saturday-Sunday: 07h00-17h00.
Contact: 021 426 0627

Yours Truly


Whether you need a coffee, lunch or a place to party all night, Yours Truly has you covered. They serve Deluxe coffee, local beers and hearty salads and pizzas. What else do you need?

Location: 73 Kloof Street
Good to know: The rooftop the ideal spot for after-work drinks.
Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 07h00 – 23h00
Contact: 021 426 2587

Just-Off Kloof Street Restaurants Worth Mentioning

Jerry’s Burger Bar

kloof street restaurants - jerry's burger bar

Ok, we’ve completely busted the Kloof Street rule so we have to include Jerry’s – serving up one of the best burgers in Cape Town. Great for drinks with friends and casual but seriously tasty food.

Location: 5 Park Road, Gardens
Good to know: The Sloth Burger. That’s all we’ll say.
Opening times: 08h00-22h00
Contact: 021 422 4415

Nourish’d Juice Bar


Ok, so Nourish’d is kind of on the corner of Kloof Street but we’re including because we love their vibe and what they serve. Expect conscious food, fresh juices, smoothies, coffee and more.

Location: Ground Floor, 177 Kloof Street, ( The Old Garage on Hof Street ), Gardens, Cape Town,
Good to know: plenty of options for the health conscious.
Opening times: Monday – Friday: 07h00-17h00 | Saturday: 09h00-13h00
Contact: 063 648 104



While we’re breaking the Kloof street rule, we have to include Thali. Liam Tomlin’s take on traditional Indian thali (small plates) is simply one of the best restaurants in Cape Town.

Location: 3 Park Road, Gardens
Good to know: The tapas are shared between two, but make sure you go hungry as portions are generous.
Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday: 12h00 – 14h30, 17h00 – 21h30.
Contact: 021 286 2110

The Fat Cactus

fat cactus

If you’re looking for a good time, generous jugs of margaritas and some delicious Mexican-inspired food, The Fat Cactus is where you need to be. Also, just off Kloof Street on Park Road.

Location: 5 Park Road, Gardens
Good to know: They have a daily happy hour from 12h00 – 18h00.
Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 11h00 – 00h00
Contact: 021 422 5022

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