Menu Special for July: Karoo Lamb at Carne Restaurants

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Karoo lamb has long been celebrated as one of the best –  its unique flavour is due to free-roaming lambs that graze on indigenous shrubs of the area. Place this local culinary treasure in the expert hands of legendary, Italian chef, Giorgio Nava, and you have a local dining experience with Karoo lamb at Carne second to none.

Karoo Lamb at Carne

Karoo Lamb at Carne in July

Chef Giorgio Nava believes in not over complicating dishes and letting the natural flavours of top quality ingredients shine through. He does this masterfully with his special lamb menu that is being showcased during the month of July at Carne SA and Carne on Kloof in Cape Town.

Keeping it Simple

Nava’s cooking is a refreshing break from the all too common complexities of chefs’ plates – sometimes guilty of being full of far too many flavours, multi-coloured splashes, textures and foams. He adds very little to his lamb other than olive oil, some seasoning, rosemary and very rarely, a tiny bit of garlic (admittedly not a favourite ingredient). This simplicity in preparation originates from a natural Italian culinary confidence and years of experience in mastering his chosen style of cooking.

Karoo Lamb at Carne is Done Right

The Karoo Lamb at Carne menu comprises of familiar fried and grilled Karoo lamb chops, as well as some other less well known cuts such as grilled neck of lamb and grilled lamb ribeye.

The lamb dishes all have simple vegetable accompaniments such as fresh broccoli sauce served with the crumb-fried Karoo Dorper Lamb, and cauliflower puree that is a sweet balance to the richness of the lamb ribeye. Simple fresh green peas are served with the rump and grilled sweet potatoes with the classic lamb chop.

karoo lamb at carne

The lamb ragu pasta is really a testament to art of slow cooking. A dish layered with savoury flavours that have been simmering and melding together for almost ten hours. A dish that is simple in presentation but so complex in flavour. A wonderful example of the patience it takes to create a classic, slow cooked winter dish.

Complex Flavours with Simple Execution

The Carne Lamb menu is a must for not only devotees of Karoo lamb but also those who admire simple food done well. The dishes are all generous in size, as you would expect from an Italian owned establishment and will satisfy any meat lover’s appetite. Treat yourself to an after dinner Grappa (from one of the fine local and foreign selection stocked) to assist in the digestive process of your meal.

Book your Seat for Lamb at Carne in July

Carne SA in Keerom Street in the Cape Town CBD is open for dinner every evening from Mondays to Saturdays, whilst Carne on Kloof in the vibrant Kloof Street precinct is open for lunch and dinner.

For bookings, call: 021-424 3460 (Carne SA) or 021-426 5566 (Carne on Kloof) or email. | Keerom: Facebook | Kloof: Facebook

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