Introducing the Lucky Peach House of Ramen

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As the temperature starts to plummet with many of us working long hours from home, Larry Hodes and Josh Simon of the much-loved Arbour Café in Birdhaven have a new foodie fix for customers. Out of their Dark Kitchen comes authentic Japanese cuisine The Lucky Peach House of Ramen. 

lucky peach ramen

A new Dark Kitchen in JHB 

The Dark Kitchen concept, which is essentially a centralised production kitchen that can put out any type of food, operates purely online and has been gaining traction as a global trend. 

“It has never made more sense to lean into technology for the restaurant industry right as we navigate the current lockdown” says Larry.

The Menu

“Ramen, a Japanese staple, is a delicious noodle soup served in a meat or chicken-based broth infused with soy sauce or miso for that real umami kick. It’s light and warm but a very filling meal too which is what people want after a long, cold day’ says co-owner Joshua.

lucky peach ramenExpect to find items like Shoyu Chicken Ramen and Spicy Beef Miso Ramen for meat eaters. Vegetarian options include a Shoyu Miso and Tofu Ramen with deep fried tofu, spring onion, sweet corn, wild mushroom, pickled ginger and seaweed in a hearty shoyu miso broth. Sounds perfect for a cold winter’s night! 

The Lucky Peach House of Ramen will be available on UberEATS and Mr Delivery this week.


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