Honour Your Friends this Galentine’s Day

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If you’re an avid Parks and Recreation fan, then you’ve probably come across the term, ‘Galentine’s Day’ — the day before Valentine’s day that’s dedicated to celebrating your friends, or ‘your gals’, but for the sake of gender neutrality, ‘your pals’. Why, you ask? Well, Valentine’s day is probably one of the world’s most hated holidays, because it reminds singletons of their singleness, which is the last thing single people need reminding of…. So, Galentine’s Day offers an alternative celebration to romantic love by celebrating platonic love — a more relatable and universal type of affection.

Celebrating Galentine’s Day

The general idea is that you get together with your best pals and tell each other how much you love and appreciate them — fun, right? There’s far less pressure and you don’t have to worry about drinking too much, because chances are, you’ve already done that in front of your best friends, so they’ve seen it all. It’s basically an excuse to have a party! Even if you’re in a relationship, celebrating Galentine’s Day gives you the chance to shift focus a bit and spend some time with your nearest and dearests (those who have really been there for you, through thick and thin).

If we’ve convinced you to celebrate this most wonderful holiday, then here are some ideas for how to go about celebrating.


Again, if you’re a Parks & Rec fan, you’ll understand why this is at the top of the list. The true birth of the Galentine’s tradition. Besides that, brunch is amazing because it combines two of the best things in life — breakfast food and mimosas! So what better way to celebrate your friends than a boozy, syrupy, lush brunch.

Weekend Away

This year, Galentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, so you can make an entire weekend of it. Gather your group of pals and go away for the weekend. Relax, read, swim and be merry! A weekend away really gives you enough time to catch up.


There’s no curfew! Clubs are open, people! Go out and have a dance with your gals/pals and not only celebrate your singleness, but celebrate the end of enforced early nights as well.

Group Ceramics/Painting/Cooking Class

Group art classes are a lot of fun and help take the pressure off the situation. Sometimes it can be a bit intimidating going to these things alone, so bring your friends, a bottle of wine and snacks, and make some stuff.

Games Night

A true classic, because it never gets old. Invite your friends over for a night of board games, charades and possibly even karaoke (live a little).

Have a look at this list of Valentine’s inspiration for all relationship statuses.

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