A DIY Romantic Dinner at Home with Prices Candles this Valentine’s Day

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Impressing your loved one for Valentine’s Day is a real Catch 22 – you want to take them somewhere special to spoil them but it’s literally impossible to get a booking if you didn’t plan weeks ahead. Added to that is the fact that you’ll be out with loads of other folk all with the same idea, so the risk of slow service and a-less-than- ideal experience is high. This year, why not forgo the chaos, the triple-priced uber ride and the eye-wateringly expensive bottle of champagne and instead take some time to impress your love with a romantic, Price’s candle-lit dinner at home.

We’ve got all the makings of a modern Valentine’s evening that your other half won’t soon forget, complete with simple DIY projects and a delicious recipe to show that you’ve made the effort.

At the end of the day, that’s what your partner really wants – to see that you’ve put in the time. So, while getting a booking at a swanky restaurant will definitely net you brownie points, it can’t compare to an evening that you’ve created from scratch, with love. Trust us.

Keeping it Budget Friendly

A celebration like Valentine’s Day can put a wince-worthy dent in your bank balance. Given that it falls smack-bang in the middle of the month (thanks Cupid!), it adds even more pressure.

We’ve thought of a few ways to keep it budget conscious and have also purposely steered away from the traditional ‘pink, red and hearts all over’. We’ve taken inspo from Mother Nature to create something more organic, with touches of gold to elevate – when we say a tin of spray paint is a transformative investment, we mean it!

Add the Romance with the Glow of Price’s Candles

Nothing says romance like the soft glow of candlelight. At around R27 a packet of 6, Price’s Lighthouse Special Fluted Candles can’t be beat. Even better, they’re designed to burn longer (up to 9 hours!) and not drip – exactly what you want for the night ahead.

Making your Own Candle Stick Holders

We’ve got a few DIY projects for you to try your hand at and really, they’re made with easily accessible items. Some require a bit more muscle power and some a bit more patience. These are the things you’ll need to get going.Prices_candles_DIY

  1. Double Shot Glasses
  2. Gold Leaf Sheets
  3. Clear Glue
  4. A small craft paint brush
  5. A tin of gold spray paint
  6. Masking Tape
  7. Price’s Lighthouse Special Fluted Candles
  8. A drill
  9. 20 mm wood flat drill bit
  10. Pieces of wood
  11. Twine
  12. Glass bottles or jars of varying shapes and sizes

Shot Glass Candle Stick Holders

First up, we take inspiration from Homemade by Carmona to create these gold leaf shot glass candle sticks. Not only do these look pretty on the table, they can be used again and again (great dual idea as a gift too).

Price's candles

You’ll Need

Tall/double shot glasses (1) (R6,99 from Checkers stores)
Gold leaf (2) (available from baking and craft stores)
Craft glue (3)
Small craft paint brush (4)
Tin of gold spray paint (5)
Masking tape (6)

1 x pack Price’s Lighthouse Special Fluted Candles (7)

To Make

Use the paintbrush to paint a thin layer of craft glue on the inside of the shot glasses. While the glue is still tacky, break off pieces of a gold leaf sheath and stick on the inside of the glass. The gold leaf is very thin, so it attaches quite easily. Use your finger to flatten. Don’t be too worried about full coverage or if it breaks or moves, the uneven pattern is part of the charm.

Once dried, wrap the outside of the shot glass with masking tape, so that it is fully covered.

Stand the covered shot glasses in a box and shake the spray paint very well. Use short sharp bursts to spray the inside of the shot glasses and let the paint dry in-between layers. Do a couple of lays to cover all of the glass that wasn’t covered with gold leaf. Allow to dry completely. Unwrap the masking tape and voila, pretty gold leaf candle stick holders that will add a little pizazz to your table. Pop your Price’s candles inside, light up and adorn your table with that soft, romantic glow.

A tin of spray paint can be your best friend if you just think about it. Spray empty bottles (12) that have interesting shapes to make bespoke vases in differing shapes and sizes.

The options are endless. You can revive tired napkin rings, pot plant holders and other table decor elements with a quick spray of gold.

Organic Firewood Candle Holders

Price's candles
Price's candles

The real beauty of elongated candles in seeing them in varying heights, they make for a dramatic and ethereal vibe. For these candle stick holders we went ultra budget, using pieces of firewood to create an organic, earthy candle holder.

You’ll need

a drill (8)
a 20 mm wood flat drill bit (9)
a hacksaw (not pictured)
pieces of firewood, driftwood or even wooden blocks (10)
twine (11) optional

1 pack Price’s Lighthouse Special Fluted Candles (7)

To Make

Select the pieces of wood you want to use. Ensure that if it’s a more organic piece that it is able to stand and is stable. For the round versions, select pieces of wood (10) and using a saw/hacksaw cut into pieces of varying heights. The straighter you can cut the better as they need to stand flat on a table.

Fit your drill with the specialty wood drill bit, secure your piece of wood and drill the holes, evenly spaced apart (on the bigger log).

To add some additional glam, you can opt to wrap with twine , or use masking tape to mark off sections and spray with your gold spray paint. It’s really as simple as that. Add natural elements to your table like greenery from your garden, with pops of gold in your napkins, napkin rings, spray-painted jars and vases etc. Add your Price’s Lighthouse Special Fluted Candles and you have a romantic, contemporary Valentine’s setting that will woo the beau of your dreams.

Let’s Do Dinner- Roast Chicken

But wait, you’re not done yet! This fabulous organic scene needs a dish to match and you can’t go wrong with a perfectly roasted chicken. We’ve cut this one in two prior to roasting so that it gets even caramelisation and golden, crispy skin all the way round. Served with it is a punchy herby mayo-based green sauce that adds tremendous flavour and bang for your buck.

You have all the makings of a super special and romantic Valentine’s meal with your Price’s candle set up and a delicious, juicy chicken.

Get the Recipe for Roast Chicken with Spicy Coriander Green Sauce

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