Handmade Ice Cream and Cookie Sandwiches

Words: Crush

Remember those little ‘happiness is’ sayings? They must have originated with the ice cream sandwich. Previously a stranger to South African shores, this humble treat has arrived in the form of a generous scoop of homemade ice cream lovingly sandwiched between soft-bake cookies. The purveyors of these modern Eskimo Pies are Terri Lockhart and Eleyce Kavli of Cookies and Cream. Hailing from California, and missing her favourite sweet treat, Eleyce decided to recreate the old-fashioned ice-cream sandwich into a local business with one simple philosophy –‘Real ingredients. Real good.’


We caught up with Cookies and Cream at the City Craft Beer Festival a few months back and upon arrival it was evident that even the most hops-happy habitué were being seduced by the sugary offerings. A friend eagerly exclaimed, “You have to try the ice cream sandwiches!” I didn’t need to be told twice.

Believing in a straightforward mantra of generosity, quality and good old-fashioned hard work, all of the ice creams and cookies are handmade by both Terri and Eleyce and the combination of flavours are decidedly compelling. Think biscuits that retain their squidgy centres, allowing for the perfect mouthful of creamy, crunchy hedonism. A variety of flavours such as M&M, oatmeal chocolate-chunk, double-fudge, chocolate chip, red velvet and snickerdoodle (cinnamon) are paired with ice creams such as vanilla bean, strawberry or double Lindt chocolate. One could say that frozen dessert-Valhalla has been reached.

Indulge your inner child with an iconic slice of retro Americana with a Cookies and Cream ice-cream sandwich.

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