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The charm of the seaside village of Kalk Bay is undeniable, and the Life and Brand group have made the very best of it with their waterside collection of restaurant favourites. Harbour House is the group’s elevated dining experience and the Kalk Bay restaurant’s view and position are incomparable.

Harbour House Kalk Bay

Tell me what’s your flavour

The building that is home to the group’s collection is situated right on the water, with Lucky Fish and Chips, Live Bait, and Tiger’s Milk all in the same block.

Harbour House makes the very best of the positioning with a glass frontage that, once seated, gives the impression that you’re actually at sea. Waves crash on the rocks right below and with a glass of white wine in hand, you’d be hard pressed to beat it.

Harbour House Kalk Bay

Dining at Harbour House

The menu is designed to appeal to those who love seafood but has dishes that will appease carnivores too. If you’re after something light, head right over to the sushi section and select from the platters or the variety of individual pieces.

If fish doesn’t grab you, don’t fret, there is a fabulous looking pork belly dish, as well as rib-eye or fillet. Even a gnocchi dish if you’re after a vegetarian option.

Harbour House Kalk Bay
Harbour House Kalk Bay


For starters, we opted for the panko-crumbed smoked salmon fish cake – fried to golden brown and served with a beautifully cut medley of tomato, cucumber and red onion. As well as this, we enjoyed the classic fried calamari, which was deliciously tender and served with a creamy avo mousse. Both great ways to start a meal.


For mains, we selected from the specials board (which changes frequently depending on what is available). The classic salmon trout option included baby veg and a garlic Chardonnay sauce and was generous and well cooked.

The second main we selected was a Swordfish special. The fish was miso-glazed and served with black risotto, shimeji mushrooms and a coconut sauce. This was honestly one of the best fish dishes I have ever had.

Swordfish, also known as the steak of the sea, is called that for a reason – it’s meaty and full of flavour. And while for some cheese can be a polarising ingredient when served with fish, the Parmesan in the risotto was an utterly divine and complementary addition. A dish that totally suited the wintery weather on the day that we visited.

Harbour House Kalk BayHarbour House Kalk Bay

To End

The dessert menu has classics such as crème brûlée, pannacotta and cheesecake. The cheesecake was recommended to us and we shared it with the last of our divine bottle Glen Carlou Chardonnay. A great way to round off a beautiful afternoon in this memorable spot.

If you are visiting the area, be sure to book your table at Harbour House Kalk Bay. The restaurant makes the most of its surroundings and there really is no better place to enjoy the stunning views of False Bay.

With bobbing boats in the dock, colourful fisherman and the sights and sounds that are unique to the seaside, you can enjoy a truly authentic seafood experience with service from a team that is superbly well versed in what they do. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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