A Glorious Easter Feast with Miele

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Miele Article BannerEaster is another smashing holiday in our calendar where food takes centre stage. It’s a time where families come together to celebrate the simple pleasures of Easter egg hunts, entertaining the kids and most importantly: the Easter Feast. We have four courses of Easter deliciousness that you can make for your day of celebrations.

A Glorious Easter Feast with Miele

Cream Cheese and Pancetta Surprise Devilled Eggs

easter feasting

Devilled eggs are a party favourite, yes, they’re a legacy from the 70s party scene but they’ve stood the test of time for a reason – they’re delicious. This Easter we’re giving our devilled eggs a Kinder Egg kind of surprise by popping a sneaky piece of crispy pancetta in the bottom before adding the filling, yum!

Recipe for Cream Cheese and Pancetta Surprise Devilled Eggs

Honey and Chilli Roasted Carrots with Bacon and Cashews

Easter Feasting

An Easter meal wouldn’t be complete without a carrot side. These honey and chilli carrots are roasted to charry perfection and then topped with crispy bacon and cashew nuts for crunch. They are the perfect accompaniment for your Porchetta main.

Our carrots are golden-roasted in a mix of honey, chilli, lemon and olive oil and served with toasted cashew nuts.

Recipe for Honey and Chilli Roasted Carrots with Bacon and Cashews

Pork Belly Porchetta with Roasted Pears, Fennel and Onion

Easter Feasting

Leave it to the Italians to take roast pork, which is already amazing, and bump it up to legendary status with the Porchetta. It’s everything that’s good about food all rolled into one crispy, herby, succulent flavour bomb. If you’re looking for an Easter showstopper centrepiece then look no further.

Our pork belly is butterflied and smeared with a delicious spread of herby goodness, rolled up nice and snug and popped into the fridge overnight. Once rested and at room temperature, the pork is roasted to juicy, crispy perfection together with our onions, fennel and pears.

Recipe for Pork Belly Porchetta with Roasted Pears, Fennel and Onion

No-Bake Hot Cross Crème Brûlée

Easter Feasting

Baked crème brûlées are notoriously troublesome. If you’re catering an Easter meal and don’t want the hassle, try this easier-to-master no-bake version. We make the custard stove-top and set in the fridge before bruléeing.

We’ve combined two of our fav treats by infusing the custard of the crème brûlée with the flavour of Hot Cross Buns, with the added surprise of currents hidden at the bottom. Delish!

Recipe for No-Bake Hot Cross Bun Crème Brûlée

For more inspiration for your Easter feast, check out our list of delish holiday food including a stunning Beef Wellington and Classic Tea Scones for Easter brunch.

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