Gin Of The Month: GINSMITH Pink & Navy

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Tucked away in the Groot Winterhoek wilderness area, at the southern tip of the Cederberg Mountains, is the GINSMITH micro-distillery, Tygerkloof. Here, retired psychotherapists Lesley Clark and Colleen Smith handcraft award-winning gins, which, from field to glass, express their artisanal ethos. Since launching a year ago, GINSMITH has been awarded 8 medals, including 6 golds.


Conservation at the Core

Conservation and sustainability are the core values of the GINSMITH brand. The farm and distillery are off the grid, powered by the sun and make use of pristine spring water, which is gravity fed from the mountains.

The name, Tygerkloof, is inspired by sightings of the shy Cape Leopard on the farm and is also the reason for the branding of their “Cape Leopard Collection” gin bottles. GINSMITHS partner with the Cape Leopard Trust in a variety of conservation initiatives.

“We donate R10 from every bottle sold to the Cape Leopard Trust’s incredible conservation and educational efforts,” says Lesley.


It’s All in the Tradition

GINSMITH gins are ‘slow’ gins. They are handcrafted in the time-honoured, traditional way, in a 300-litre copper alembic still, over flame, which is lit before dawn and only closed down well after dusk. Every step of the distillation process is carefully overseen.

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and fynbos, it makes sense that botanicals are hand-harvested from the immediate terroir. Kapok (wild rosemary), mpephu (African sage), buchu, rosemary, sage and rooibos are just a few of the unique local infusions that make GINSMITH gins so special.

“We believe that you can smell and taste the very essence of our unique fynbos clad mountains in our gins,” says Lesley.


GINSMITH Tasting Notes


This is a spirited gin distilled with 7 botanicals.

Forward with pink peppercorn, followed by the piney notes of juniper and then grounded with wild rosemary and sage, it is extremely smooth on the palate. It is balanced and well-rounded in flavour.

Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or with a classic tonic, garnished with rosemary, a black olive and a twist of citrus peel. It is delicious as a Gin Martini or in a Negroni.


This is a complex gin containing 11 botanicals.

PINK brings together a delicious combination of roots, leaves, seeds, berries, citrus, and blossoms. Ruby grapefruit and juniper are forward, followed by a dance between cardamom and buchu blossom, leaving tantalising echoes of spice on the palate.

Serve long with a classic tonic and garnish with a slice of ruby grapefruit, pomegranate jewels, or blueberries.

Hot off the press! GINSMITH PINK  has received a double gold medal for our at this year’s Michelangelo Awards. | Facebook | Instagram

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