Experience The Perfect Bubble With Graham Beck Cap Classique Vintage Collection

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In pursuit of the perfect bubble, Graham Beck strives to consistently raise the bar in terms of quality and distinction. Graham Beck follows the time-honoured traditions of crafting outstanding sparkling wines – their passion and pride shine through in every meticulous step along the way. Get to know the wines in the Graham Beck Cap Classique Vintage Collection.

Graham Beck Cap Classique Vintage Collection

Graham Beck Cap Classique

The Graham Beck Cap Classique portfolio comprises of three tiers – The Non Vintage (NV) Collection (Brut NV, Bliss Demi Sec NV and Brut Rosé NV), The Vintage Collection (Blanc de Blancs, Brut Zero and Brut Rosé ) and The Prestige Collection (Cuvée Clive).

Characterised by unmistakable sophistication, elegance, quality and consistency, this award-winning range of MCC (Méthode Cap Classique) sparkling wines is revered around the globe for their inimitable versatility and sheer drinking pleasure.

Graham Beck Cap Classique Vintage

Graham Beck’s prestigious bubbly portfolio demonstrates an unwavering dedication to the creation of sparkling wines which define class, finesse and timelessness.

Graham Beck Cap Classique Vintage Collection

The term “Vintage” refers to Cap Classique sparkling wine made from the harvest of a single year. This category of Graham Beck Cap Classiques is an expression of the very best selection of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from that specific year to authentically reflect the Vintage portfolio.

The Blanc de Blancs, shows the best expression of Chardonnay – rich aromas of fresh lime and ripe apricot fruit on the nose and an exciting fine mousse with an explosion of tangerines and brioche on the palate.

The unique character of the Rosé takes its specific fingerprint from the luscious Pinot Noir fruit which is its foundation varietal.  This MCC has noticeable ripe blueberries and a subtle spiciness on the nose, an explosion of raspberry fruit and slight honeysuckle flavours on the palate with a persistent yet delicate mousse.

Graham Beck Cap Classique Vintage
Graham Beck Cap Classique Vintage

The Graham Beck Brut Zero is only produced in exceptional vintages when they are permitted by Mother Nature to give expression to the extended lees contact required to compensate for the lack of added sugar in the dosage. Golden peach in colour, with a vibrant bouquet of cherries, blueberries, almonds and an earthy spice.

Learn the difference between Champagne and MCC here.

A Tantalising Trio – Graham Beck Cap Classique Vintage Collection

Blanc de Blancs, Pinot Noir Rosé Vintage and Brut Zero  – all three outstanding examples of the versatility, skill and meticulous attention to detail that this world-renowned sparkling wine brand has become synonymous with.

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