Wine Sparkling Méthode Cap Classique

Graham Beck Brut Rosé

Méthode Cap Classique

Graham Beck celebrates 25 years of producing Cap Classique wines with cellar master Pieter Ferreira at the helm of all things bubbly. With its unashamedly flirtatious and feminine profile, Graham Beck Brut Rosé NV is the perfect partner for a romantic rendezvous this February.

It has a delicate, pale silver-pink colour, flavours of raspberries and cherries and shows aromas of lavender and oyster shell on the nose. This bubbly really suits any occasion and can be enjoyed at any stage of the meal. Our favourite though is a glass to finish off the meal, paired with a celebratory dessert. This gorgeous and glamorous ombré ruffle cake certainly fits the bill!

On the nose: expect whiffs of raspberries, cherries and a few secondary aromas of minerality.

On the palate: delivers a lively mousse but fine in the mouth, with subtle red berry flavours enlivened by bright acids. Showing hints of oyster shell and fresh lavender.

Graham Beck Brut Rosé NV