Crush Advent Calendar Day 7: Win with Caffe Luxe

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Cafféluxe is an industry leading coffee company that roasts coffee beans, manufactures, retails Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules and sell high quality espresso machines. Since its inception in 2009, Cafféluxe is on a mission to source the finest and most sumptuous coffee beans from around the globe, delivering it to your cup in its freshest state at an affordable price.

Cafféluxe is a proudly South African company offering a complete tailored coffee solution from roasting coffee beans to manufacturing single serve capsules; perfect for  retail and business to business sectors.

With an in- depth understanding and love for coffee, coupled with years of experience in the capsule manufacturing field, Cafféluxe is perfectly positioned as experts in managing the process from bean to capsule to cup.

Whatever your mood, the top selling espresso coffee machines uses a 19 – bar, high – pressure Italian pump, creating delicious espresso inspired drinks from the most intense Americano to a flavourful cappuccino, always delivering coffee of the highest quality.

Perfectly matched to the Cafféluxe Verona Espresso Machines is the innovative and exciting Cafféluxe coffee ranges. The ranges are made up of The Cafféluxe Signature Range, Origins Range and African Collection. Each coffee range features distinct coffee variants from leading coffee – producing countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Cafféluxe manufactures its capsules in a state of the art factory in the coffee rich city of Cape Town and is passionate about furthering its innovations whilst continually working to innovate beyond the norm.

This can be seen in the production of the decadent Hot Chocolate from their Signature Range, Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules and Rooibos Tea Capsules that are high in antioxidants.

Each range produced by Cafféluxe delivers a great tasting, high quality coffee at an affordable price. For more information visit or call 021 – 460 0428. | Facebook | Twitter


Cafféluxe coffee ranges are made up of The Cafféluxe Signature Range,
Origins Range and _ _ _ _ _ _ _  Collection.

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