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Brightly burnished copper makes some of the most beautiful cookware that you can have for your home. Of all metals, copper is also the most effective for cooking and is one of the best metallic conductors. The temperature spreads evenly on all sides of the cookware. Your sauces will no longer burn or separate and melting chocolate will become child’s play.

Advent Calendar

If you’re looking for the best quality copper cookware money can buy, you’re in the right place. Family owned and operated from its headquarters in Belgium for the past three generations, Falk Culinair embodies the perfect balance of old world craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. Their dedication to the art and science of handcrafting premium cookware has solidified their status as the undisputed industry leader in copper cookware.

All of the cookware is handcrafted with care in Falk’s workshop in Belgium by craftsmen with decades of experience. When you buy Falk Culinair, you can be confident that you’re buying cookware of unrivalled quality, performance and value.

Each item is specifically engineered to work beautifully in tandem with the copper materials. So expect to see frying pans that are incredibly responsive to heat adjustments with a thick copper layer that will prevent hot spots and burning found in lesser-quality pans.

Falk Culinair manufactures professional-grade copper cookware of outstanding quality. The bimetal technology of Falk Culinair allows the copper plate on the underside of our cookware to provide perfect heat conduction without burning, while the ultra-thin layer of stainless steel on the inside of the pan ensures that cooking takes place on a hygienic surface which requires no special maintenance.

The products are available in two ranges: Classic and Signature. The Classic range, with cast iron handles, evokes memories of old fashioned cooking, while the Signature range, with stainless steel handles, is designed to complement the modern kitchen environment.

Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar

For many generations copper has been associated with the finest cuisine all around the world. Copper is the most effective material for use in cooking. The temperature spreads evenly over bottom and sides providing you with remarkable culinary efficiency. It’s ideal for frying, roasting, sautéing, making beautiful sauces. In fact, it excels in all cooking applications. | Facebook


Falk Culinair’s cookware is handcrafted with care in Falk’s workshop in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ by craftsmen with decades of experience.

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