Crush Advent Calendar Day 1 Win with Eetrite & Boardmans

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Homemade aromatic lamb stews, delicious winter soups and yummy hot puddings – for a lot of us, these words transport us back to Sundays at grandma’s when the whole family would get together for a delicious feast of traditional cooking.

Over the years, cooking has evolved into ‘quick and easy meals’, throwing something together before guests arrive, or even warming up ready-made meals. Traditional heavy cookware has been replaced with light, innovative products that get the job done. But a food revolution has been happening over the last few years, and Eetrite is excited about it! Foodies, home-style restaurants, food markets and artisanal cafés are popping up all over South Africa, celebrating the thing that brings us all together – good food.

Now that the appreciation is back – so is the cookware that brought us the wholesome, home-cooked goodness at grandma’s; and Boardmans has got it – a range of Eetrite cast iron casseroles, grills, and pans that will last you a lifetime.

Just as the cooking options are endless with cast iron, so are the benefits of cooking with it. The interior of Eetrite cast iron casseroles are non-stick, while the brightly coloured enamel exterior means that your dishes will look great from the stove to the oven, from the oven to the table, and from the table to the dishwasher.

The weight of Eetrite cast iron provides both heat retention and even heat distribution, resulting in better energy consumption. A cast iron cooking product is also great for various quick fix dishes for a more fast-pace lifestyle.

The cast iron trend has made a big-come back, with Sunday roasts and the nostalgic smell of grandma’s cooking filling South African homes across the country, bringing the meals of yesteryear into the present.

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The weight of Eetrite cast iron casseroles provides even _ _ _ _ retention and distribution.

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