Charity Luncheon Raises close to R400k for the Ukuthemba Foundation

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This past weekend saw the annual luncheon held by MSC Cruises, to benefit the Ukuthemba Foundation, take place onboard the MSC Opera, as it was docked in Table Bay. The cruise company hosts the event ever year and fully sponsors the entire afternoon, ensuring that 100% of the proceeds make it to the children in need.

The Ukuthemba Foundation operates in Cape Town and has grown dramatically from its inception. The foundation works closely with with local authorities and rescues babies and toddlers facing a myriad of difficulties including extreme poverty, abuse, neglect and disability. These children are cared for by house mothers at various Ukuthemba homes which provides a safe, loving environment. Often in traditional orphanage situations children face neglect and abuse with numbers of children to carers being far too high. The Ukuthemba groups are kept small, six per house mother, to ensure that children receive the best care and attention possible.

The charity luncheon relies on donations of auction items from artists, companies and individuals to raise funds, and this year was no exception. Artworks were donated by Christine Sullivan, Lisette Forsythe and Tracy Payne. There were weekends away in France, tickets to Wimbledon, wine from Cloof Winery, a tanzanite bracelet from Olga Jewelers and much more. Bidders were generous and just under R400k was raised in the space of about an hour.

Guests enjoyed a 3-course luncheon courtesy of MSC Cruises and disembarked just before the cruise liner was due to take thousands of excited travelers on their holiday.

To learn more about the Ukuthemba Foundation visit
Cash donations are hugely appreciated, as well as many items of clothing, school wear, food, toys etc.

Awareness is key for charities like this to flourish and continue to do they work they do, so spread the word.

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