Botswana Through The Lens

Words: Crush

When the opportunity came to travel to Botswana in December 2014, I jumped at the chance to experience this beautiful piece of Africa, which is quite literally on our doorstep. Living in Cape Town and being constantly surrounded by an environment that stretches from urban to industrial, I inevitably went to Botswana with certain preconceptions. What I found is that most of these turned out to be incorrect, and in some cases, certainly naïve!

The first of many flawed assumptions was that all of the roads that appeared on my GPS were nicely tarred with convenience shops around every corner… we found out pretty quickly that this was not the case. Our journey was certainly adventurous and after 2200 km of rustic roads, a burst tyre and two busted shocks, we finally arrived in Maun, Botswana.

Botswana_730_3From Maun, we moved on to the Selinda Reserve in Northern Botswana where concession managers, Pete and Sharon Unwin, graciously hosted us. Selinda Camp is situated in a unique position that overlooks the Selinda Spillway, linking eventually to the Okavango Delta; it is the perfect spot to relax and to watch wildlife in its natural habitat. We also experienced the ultra luxurious Dhow Suites at Zarafa Camp; this incredible private tented camp is housed under one of the largest tents in Africa, measuring 2,260 sq. feet. It really is the last word in luxury and an unforgettable experience.

We were wined and dined and taken on leisurely game drives within the Selinda Reserve, viewing the wildlife and experiencing the very best of Botswana’s wilderness.

Botswana_730_1Thinking back on the experience, I was overwhelmed by everything that I saw. Everywhere I looked life was just bursting at the seams. The abundance of game, the luxury of the lodges and the encompassing wilderness took me on a journey that has left a lasting impact.

Travelling beyond the borders of South Africa always creates a sense of dislocation, yet in Botswana I felt more connected to the natural world than I had ever felt before.

Botswana_730_4Visually speaking, the image I captured of a composition of three giraffes is my favourite. The symmetry of these animals was in sharp contrast to their often awkward and peculiar bearing. The warm colours of the giraffes contrasted wonderfully with the greens, and blues in the background.

Visiting Botswana changed my mindset completely. I would encourage everyone to go and ‘knock on the door of our neighbours’ – you’ll receive a very warm welcome!



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