12 Quick, Wholesome Meals To Make After A Long Day At Work

Words: Katrina Rose Wind

After a long day at work the last thing you want to do is cook something difficult that takes longer to make than eat. Avoid getting take-away and check out these quick, delicious, and most importantly easy-to-make meals below.

Mediterranean Munches


So easy you’ll kick yourself for not making this sooner. This is not just breakfast food, this is a yummy, quick meal that will leave you thinking you’re a master in the kitchen. Delicious eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and mopped up with crunchy bread.

Recipe for Shakshuka

Greek Lamb Burger With Aubergine Hummus And Tzatziki

This burger recipe is not only mouth-watering but also so a very quick meal to make. If you are carb-free or just trying to watch your processed carb intake, then swap the bun for a lettuce wrap.

Recipe for Lamb Burgers

Fishy Delights

quick meals
quick meals

Salmon With Pomegranate Salsa

Salmon is one of the healthiest, fatty fishes out there. Filled with antioxidants and all those good nutrients that are great for keeping you bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

Salmon, Pomegranate Salsa Recipe 

Prawn Papaya And Avocado Bowls

Prawns are notoriously quick to cook, so make sure to keep a close eye on them, it’s a matter of seconds that can make them overcooked. Delicious, quick, and healthy; what more can you want?

Prawn Papaya Recipe 

quick meals
quick meals

Zezty Tuna Fish Cakes With Chives And Dill

Tinned tuna is more versatile than you think! These bad boys take only 15 minutes to prep, leaving you enough time to relax and unwind while they cook. A very quick meal, for a very busy individual .

Zesty Tuna Fish Cakes Recipe 

Traditional Salmon Poke Bowl

Poke Bowls take almost no time at all to make, making this one of the easiest recipes on this list. This classic Hawaiian dish is filled with simple clean flavours and fresh ingredients that let the fish shine. A perfect way to use up leftover rice and bits and pieces in the fridge.

Traditional Poke Bowl 

Hearty, Stomach-Filling Delights

quick meals

Zucchini Noodles With Chicken, Feta, Kale Meatballs

Kale, kale, kale! These chicken meatballs are a great way to get your veggies in without noticing. A delicious, healthy and quick meal that’ll leave you feeling energised.

Recipe for Zucchini Noodles With Chicken Meatballs

Lime Quinoa Salad With Chimichurri

A lot of people steer clear of quinoa but that’s just because they haven’t learned how to cook it properly. Once you nail it perfectly, you’ll realise how quick it is to cook.  The trick to quinoa is to use chicken or veggie stock to cook instead of plain water. Not only will it taste even better but it will give this delicious texture that will fill you up even more quickly.

Recipe for Quinoa Salad with Chimichurri 

quick meals

Baked Potato With Creamy Mushrooms (Bacon Optional)

Don’t be afraid of potatoes, they’re better for you than you think! This quick meal is more about waiting for them to be done than prep, which leaves you time to shower or check your emails after work. If you’re not into eating pork, you can replace the bacon for a chicken or vegan substitute.

Recipe for Baked Potato With Creamy Mushrooms 

Roasted Aubergines with Lentils, Pomegranate and Chevin Dressing

A meal doesn’t have to have meat in order for it to be stomach-filling and this recipe proves it. This meal is filled with fibre and many more nutrients that are all oh-so-good for you.

Recipe for Roasted Baby Aubergines with Lentils 

Asian Persuasion

quick meals

Thai Cashew Nut Chicken

This recipe will make you think twice about ordering that Thai takeaway that you normally do. A firm favourite in most households. A quick, one-wok wonder with loads of crisp veggies added to the mix.

Thai Cashew Nut Chicken Recipe 

Aubergine Thai Coconut Curry

A meat-free dish that will make you question if you even need meat in your curries. This fragrant coconut curry will have your family wondering if you slaved in the kitchen all day! They don’t have to know it was a quick meal.

Aubergine Thai Coconut Curry Recipe 

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