Tasty Treats at Nourish’d Kloof Street

Words: Robyn Paterson

There aren’t many businesses that have managed to expand during the past two years. In fact it’s become commonplace to see more restaurants in the process of closure, rather than expansion, so when I received the invite to Nourish’d Kloof Street’s relaunch to celebrate their recent renovations, I couldn’t help but hope it was foreshadowing a prosperous season for the South African restaurant industry.

The fact that Nourish’d is a female owned business committed to sustainable and earth-friendly practices serves as even more reason to be excited about their growth. Their recent rPET initiative and commitment to incentivised recycling with Imagined Earth empowers their customers with both the space to make better recycling decisions, as well as the knowledge of how to carry those decisions into everyday life.

Treats, Tunes and Tasty Vibes at Nourish’d

Their vegetarian plant-based menu boasts an impressive array of meals, smoothies and cold-pressed juices. If you’re in the mood for a serotonin boost, their ‘Making me Cacao’ smoothie will lift your spirits and satisfy any chocolate cravings. The ‘Naughty Nutter’ is also a great option if you’re looking to fill up on something delicious and slow-burning.

Breakfasts aren’t their only game though, the ‘I Falafel in Love with You Wrap’ is hearty and filling with the perfect amount of heat from their homemade chilli and mint sauce. It’s become my lunch time staple on hungrier days! They have a plethora of sweet treats — all delicious, healthy and nutrient dense. They’ve developed their own vegan versions of Snickers, Bounty Bars and Twixx, as well as supplying all the classics — vegan brownies, croissants and date balls.

The RPET Initiative at Nourish’d

Nourish’d has always had sustainability at the core of their business. The cafe and juicery was sprouted from the desire to influence others to think more deeply about where their food comes from and what happens to waste. In July 2021, they decided to make the radical change from glass to rPET (recycled plastic) bottles after having a thorough report conducted, which helped them analyse better ways of reducing their environmental impact.

The benefits of using rPET bottles instead of glass are numerous, but the most noteworthy are that rPET bottles use 52% less water than glass and are 55% less reliant on fossil fuels as well.

Saving the Ocean

The only area where rPET falls short is in terms of marine litter. Recognising the severity of this, Nourish’d has made a plan to counter this discrepancy by partnering with the future-forward company and app, Imagined Earth, an innovative company that provides reverse vending machines where you can deposit your rPET bottles and receive money in return. Once the reverse vending machines are full, Imagined Earth collects the recyclables and makes sure they are properly recycled, ensuring none of the contents end up in the oceans or on beaches.

There are currently 8 Imagined Earth reverse vending machines in Cape Town and one of them lives in the Nourish’d Kloof Street parking lot. All you need to do is return your Nourish’d bottles, as well as any other recyclables that the reverse vending machine accepts, receive money and other rewards in return and rest easy that your recyclables are actually being properly taken care of.

Nourish’d is open Monday to Sunday from 7h30 – 16h30 and also offer takeaway and delivery options via Mr D or UberEats.

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