South African Heritage Dishes with Ladismith Cheese

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South Africa is truly a melting pot of cultures and our cuisine is a testament to that. From our butter-melted morning pap to our daily bread, we are invariably a nation of good taste. This Heritage Month, we’re celebrating the thing that most unifies us, food, more specifically local food. We’ve prepared four authentic South African dishes, and much like Ladismith Cheese’s products, they are rich and filled with culture.

Heritage dishes with Ladismith Cheese

Whether spreading butter over hot-off-the-coals roosterkoek or grating cheese over steamy bread, we can’t deny the simple pleasure that is butter and cheese. To honour some of our nation’s favoured flavours, we’ve created four dishes seasoned with love, smothered with Spreado Butter spread and sprinkled with Ladismith Mozzarella.

Mielie & Mozzarella Bread

Ladismith Spreado Butter
Sometimes the simple dishes bring the most to the table, and for us, it’s bread and butter. Whether tucking into a bread basket at a restaurant or savouring Ouma’s brood at home, the time-honoured tradition of breaking bread and building bonds is a South African pastime.

A cheesy take on a local classic.

To honour this staple, we’ve decided to do a cheesy take on a local classic with this mielie bread using Ladismith’s Mozzarella cheese and Spreado Butter spread. Apart from being irresistibly delicious, the best part about this bread is that it’s a no-knead recipe. Imagine sweet whole kernel corn combined with grated mozzarella, all folded into one fluffy loaf of bread. The only advice we have for making this recipe is that you might want to double down and make two loaves because one just isn’t enough! You are guaranteed to keep coming back for more, slice after slice.

Recipe for Mielie & Mozzarella Bread

Chakalaka Mozzarella Skillet Melt

Ladismith Cheese
Chakalaka livens up just about any dish – this South African pantry staple could be served on a bed of pap, added to a bean salad or enjoyed with a piece of toast. We’ve given the ol’ beans and toast an upgrade with this Chakalaka Mozzarella Skillet Melt, that’s ideal for a weekend brunch.

Sprinkle a handful of grated Ladismith Cheese Mozzarella.

Sizzle and sear baby tomatoes, onion and sweet peppers, don’t be afraid to char them a little. We prefer our chakalaka on the spicier side, so we’ve added some ginger and chillies. Inspired by our rainbow nation, we’ve added some rainbow slaw to the mix to make our dish more vibrant and textured. For a special touch, sprinkle a handful of grated Ladismith Cheese Mozzarella and allow it to melt and bubble over the layers of chakalaka. Relish in the flavours of this chakalaka with some mielie bread. Simple to make, yet oh so delicious!

Recipe for Chakalaka Mozzarella Skillet Melt

Crunchy Mozzarella & Ham Pap Bombs with Perinaise

Ladismith Cheese
It doesn’t get more South African than a weekend braai. But, let’s be honest, hungry guests are bound to ask ‘are the chops ready yet?’. To help you become the ultimate host, we’ve created these bite-sized pap bombs that will impress your guests and sate their appetites ’til the braaivleis is ready.

We’ve seasoned our pap with salt and pepper, and Spreado Butter spread.

Crunchy bombs with a gooey Ladismith Mozzarella centre — doesn’t that sound delicious? Taking inspiration from an Italian classic, arancini, we’ve given them a South African twist and used pap instead of rice. We’ve seasoned our pap with salt and pepper, and Spreado Butter spread. Once cooled, we wrapped our cubes of Ladismith Mozzarella in pieces of ham and placed them in the centre of our portioned pap balls. For added texture, we’ve dipped our pap balls in egg and coated them with Panko bread crumbs and deep-fried them to golden brown perfection. Lastly, dip in a perinaise sauce for a satisfying bite!

Recipe for Crunchy Mozzarella & Ham Pap Bombs with Perinaise

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe
South Africans are notorious sweet-tooths, and nothing does it quite like a decadent and warm Sticky Toffee Pudding after a spot of Sunday lunch with the family.

Drizzle all the sauce you want!

Caramelised sweet dates balanced by slight bitter notes of rich coffee make this sweet treat an absolute delight. To make this dessert deliciously moist, we’ve used Spreado Butter spread and whisked it along with golden syrup and vanilla extract and baked it to brown perfection. You’ll of course need a sticky and velvety toffee sauce; we’ve used full-fat Spreado Butter and a hint of salt to create a drench-worthy sauce. This pudding is unapologetically indulgent, so drizzle all the sauce you want and sprinkle with toasted pecan nuts for a delectable spoonful. All you need is scooped vanilla ice cream before you polish your dessert bowl.

Recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding

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