Six Good Things To Know To be Successfully Adulting

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You’re an adult right? So let’s start adulting like a champion with these six simple things that everyone should know.

How to build a fire:

Chuck some wood in the braai, toss in some paper and light it, right? No! Creating the perfect fire takes a little love but it goes a long way. A tried and true method requires four things: wood (Rooikrans or Kameeldoring), charcoal (lump), fire lighters, and matches. Start by laying a bed of charcoal to cradle the wood pile. Place a couple of pieces of fire lighters on top then stack the two pieces of wood horizontally, then another two vertically to create a hashtag (#) pattern. Stack the wood until you have a stack at least five layers high. Light the firelighters and you’re good to go. The beauty here is that even if the wood is a little wet, the charcoal will keep things going until it catches. Happy braaing!

How to Make-a-fire

How to change a tyre:

At some point you’re going to walk to your car and be greeted by a flat tyre. Fortunately, most modern cars come with a tyre changing set that consists of a jack, wheel spanner and spare wheel. First, put your handbrake on and leave the car in gear. If you are worried about rolling then place a brick behind a wheel. Remove the hub caps if you have and loosen the nuts, but do not remove them.  Now jack the car up using the jack in the position specified in your car manual. Unscrew nuts completely and remove the wheel. Fit the spare wheel and tighten the nuts, but again not completely. Release the jack and lower the wheel to the ground. Now tighten the nuts and give yourself a high five!

How to Change-a-tyre

How to wire a plug:

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you’re going to need to wire a plug. The good news is that all you need is a small screwdriver and a pair of side cutters or a craft knife. First you need to get at the wires through the outer insulation. Carefully score the insulation and gently cut it away to reveal the wires. Be sure to give yourself enough wire length to work with comfortably. Also be careful not to nick the wires exposing the copper strands. If you do then start again. Inside you’ll see three wires: an earth (yellow and green), a neutral (blue) and a live (brown). Inside the plug you will see three slots for the wires. Earth is always the top, neutral is always left and live is always right. Most modern day plugs should be marked. Remove the insulation to get at the copper then twist the copper strains of each wire tightly and insert into their respective slots. Gently tighten each screw to hold them into place, close up the plug, and hey presto!

How to Wire-a-plug

How to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre:

Unfortunately choking happens and we should all be prepared to spring into action if it does. The universal sign for choking is clutching at the throat. Once you’ve established that they are indeed choking, inform them that you’re going to assist. Stand behind the person, wrap your arms around them and dip them forward slightly. Make a fist with one hand and place it just above their navel with your thumb against their upper abdomen. Then grab the fist with your other hand and thrust hard in and up in quick thrusts, like you are trying to lift them up. Repeat the process until the object is dislodged. These simple steps could save a life.

how to perform Heimlich manoeuvre

How to treat minor burns:

Minor burns are never fun. They affect the outer layers of skin and symptoms can include redness, swelling, and peeling during the healing process. They happen in the blink of an eye but the good thing is that treating them is quite simple. First off forget all the home remedies you might have heard about like butter or eggs. Rather soak the wound in cold water for at least five minutes but avoid using ice. Take Ibuprofen for the pain and apply aloe vera gel or burn cream to soothe. If necessary use some antibiotic cream and apply a loose gauze to protect the area. Avoid using cotton wool as it can stick to the wound and cause infection. Finally get yourself a tub of ice cream to soothe the soul.

how to Treat-a-burn

How to listen:

Now before you roll you eyes just hear me out. Effective listening is one of the most difficult things to do. Studies suggest that we take in as little as 25% to 50% of what we actually hear. Not great numbers but the good news that with a little effort we can all be better listeners. There key stages of effective listening are: pay attention with eye contact, be present, be open minded, show that you’re listening with body language, try picture what they are saying, don’t interrupt with solutions, ask questions if you need clarity, and then respond. It seems really simple but you’d be amazed how few people actually do this. Most of the time we’re butting in mid-sentence because something popped into our head. Now go forth and listen!

HoW to listen

How to make a simple budget:

Budgeting… the very word strikes fear into the heart. The funny thing is that budgeting can actually help you do more. Knowing exactly what you have coming in and going out can actually make your reality way more fun. The basic principle is this: know how much is coming in (earnings), how much is needed for fixed expenses (rent, car payment, student loan), and for variable expenses (clothing, entertainment). Once you’ve got these figures it’s easy to cut back where you need to. It sounds daunting but then so is running out of cash before month end. Take control and empower your budget today!

How to make a simple budget

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