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Words: Crush

Looking to revamp your kitchen mahala? If you subscribe and enter OneDayOnly’s latest and greatest kitchen giveaway competition you could do just that. You can do it here – and entering will only take a second so you’ll have plenty of free time to check out their website.

When OneDayOnly isn’t giving away kitchenware to the value of R30 000, they’re selling it, and for a fraction of what you’d pay anywhere else. OneDayOnly offers seriously discounted deals for a limited time (if you guessed one day only, you’d be right).

OneDayOnlyOneDayOnly hit the Internet scene in 2009, making them South Africa’s original daily deals site. Since that time they’ve progressed from a humble start-up business to a thriving, refreshingly off-the-wall company. They offer a massive selection of products, including but not limited to kitchen goodies, ranging from 20% to 80% off.

By offering such a diverse choice of products OneDayOnly is bound to appeal to you, regardless of whether you’re a seventy-something tech guru with a penchant for iPhone gadgets or a fitness enthusiast in your mid-twenties. Their excellent product selection is matched only by their quirky brand of humour.

And with new deals hitting their cyber-shelves every 24 hours, you’d be smart (if not slightly stalkerish) to visit daily. Top tip: OneDayOnly is willing to do the hard yards themselves and send a newsletter to your inbox every day, but they’ll wait until you decide if you like them enough before you do that.

What are you waiting for? Get shopping!


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