7 Hot Tips For Summer Skincare

Words: Tam Selley

Summer hath arrived, and with it, the season of sea, salt, sun and skin peeling across multiple areas of the human body. Honestly, is there anything worse than having major sunburn that leaves you immobile with an awkwardly peeling nose? While we love the summer season and all the lovely outdoor activities it has to offer, the summer sun can also be a harsh and harmful enemy. To protect your beautiful skin, we’ve got some hot tips and insights for the best summer skincare.

What’s the Deal with the Sun?

While the UV rays in summer aren’t necessarily more dangerous than the ones in winter, we do tend to spend more time enjoying the warm rays summer has to offer. Overexposure to the sun can be a catalyst for numerous issues, including premature ageing, wrinkles, sunburn, eye damage, skin conditions, and even skin cancer.

Simply put, too much sun is a no-no for your skin. Making sure that your skin is well looked-after is just as important as enjoying yourself during summer. Here are our best tips for primed and happy skin this summer.

Best Summer Skincare Tips

1. Sunscreen

summer skincare

While this may seem like an obvious essential, you’d be surprised to find that many people forgo sunscreen. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to ensure that your gorgeous face is covered up at all times. If you want to avoid your face looking like weathered leather when you’re older, take our advice and think twice before you leave home without a face full of SPF 50.

For the most part, your face is the one part of your body that is completely exposed throughout the day. It’s not enough to only apply sunscreen when going to the beach; you should also be applying sunscreen to your face on an daily basis, a teaspoon to be exact. We recommend applying a high SPF sunscreen every day before your makeup routine. If you’re outdoors or at the beach, reapply sunscreen to your face and body every hour.

If you have kids, make sure you use special sunscreen designed for children, as their skin is far too sensitive to deal with the chemicals in the sunscreen that you use. Also, make sure that you periodically smother them from head-to-toe, even if they throw tantrums – their summer skincare is the most important!

Want to see the real impacts of sunscreen on your skin? See this incredible video of how UV looks on your skin without sunscreen compared to when it does have sunscreen.

2. Take Additional Sun Protection Measures

There’s nothing worse than being at the beach fully exposed to the sun without a hat and brolly. Before you head out for the day, for whatever outdoor activity you have planned, make sure you have a broad-brimmed hat, something to cover your shoulders, and UV protective sunglasses to block out the sun rays. Take these extra measures for your little ones as well.

3. Choose Your Time in the Sun Wisely

summer skincare

Don’t be one of those lemons that go for a jog, cycle or hike at noon in the blistering heat without a hat. Rather get your rear into gear in the early hours of the morning to ensure that you have a sunburn-free adventure.

Similarly, try head to the beach a little earlier to make sure you get a shadier spot, if possible. It’s best to go to the beach between 08h30 and 11h00, and back at 16h00 till sunset to ensure you miss that midday scorching sunshine.

4. Moisturise After Being in The Sun

Our skin tends to get super dry and irritated in summer due to the heat, overexposure to the sun, swimming and air-conditioned cars and homes. Make sure you moisturise twice daily, preferably after your shower, as your skin is still slightly damp and absorbs and retains the moisture better.

5. Hydration

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The recommended daily dose of aqua is approximately 8 glasses to ensure that you arrive at the optimum hydration station. If you find that you struggle to remember to drink water, you can download an app that reminds you to sip on H20 at regular intervals throughout the day.

We also suggest investing in a large reusable bottle that you can refill – once in the morning and again in the afternoon to ensure your daily 2-litre intake. If you aren’t great at remembering to drink water, ‘eat your water’ by snacking on cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon and citrus fruits that contain high levels of water.

6. Exfoliation

Often the skin looks a little rough and dry due to the build-up of dead skin on the face and body. It’s recommended that you exfoliate at least twice a week to ensure the regeneration of cells on the face and to give way to new healthy skin. Try using natural products that don’t contain chemicals in favour of natural fruit grains, or make this DIY Moisturising Hazelnut Coffee Body Scrub.

7. Plenty of Fresh Fruit, Veggies & Vitamins

summer skincare

Diet is also crucial to keeping your skin beautiful and healthy during summer. Make sure that you eat enough nutrient and vitamin-dense fruits and vegetables that will also assist in regenerating your skin and keeping it healthy. Try these tasty summer salads.

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