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You can easily ‘Eat the Rainbow’ with The Smoothie Booster range of 100% plant-based blends, perfect for adding to smoothies, bakes and warm oats. Developed by Cape Town-based Natural Herbs & Spices, this innovative range of nutrient-dense Smoothie Boosters combines a host of natural ingredients and ‘superfoods’ into five powerful, conveniently packaged powdered blends.

100% vegan, additive-free and crammed with only naturally occurring ingredients (including rooibos, honeybush and matcha teas, hemp protein powder, wheatgrass, baobab, moringa, chia seeds, turmeric and linseeds to name a few), each of the powdered Smoothie Boosters in the range has been developed to target a specific lifestyle need.

The concept encourages users to supercharge the nutritional value of their fruit, yoghurt and juice-based smoothies by adding a serving of the Booster they feel they need for a particular meal or moment.

This means that breakfast smoothies and juices, buddha bowls and warm drinks can be customised with your choice of booster – even bakes and muffin mixes benefit from a dose of wellness when a sachet is added before baking.

Choose from the ENRICH Booster with its high dose of omegas, hemp protein powder and inflammatory-busting turmeric or the likes of the BALANCE Booster, a blend of flavanoid-filled rooibos and chlorophyll-rich plants like moringa, spirulina and refreshing green apple.

Conveniently packaged in 5g sachets (12 in a box), Smoothie Boosters are ideal for offering a powerful plant-based kickstart to your everyday.

Natural Herbs & Spices: Smoothie Boosters

Natural Herbs & Spices

Choose from any of the five boosters in this revolutionary range.  A soothing berry and antioxidant laced mix of teas with a hint of caffeine for pep (contains honeybush, rooibos, chia, caffeine, raspberries and cacao).


This nutty, toasted seed mix is crammed with omegas, fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants. (contains omegas, chia, hemp protein powder, linseeds, turmeric, baobab, roasted sesame seeds)


Perfect for post-workout muscle-building – this protein-packed powder replenishes and restores. (contains hemp protein powder, pea protein, cinnamon, moringa leaves, sesame & poppy seeds, spirulina)


When stress levels are high, this rooibos and green-leafed powder mix can help alkalise the system and bring balance and focus to tackle the task at hand. (contains rooibos, wheatgrass, moringa leaves, spirulina, parsley, nori seaweed, with a crisp apple flavour)


Energy levels at a low? A shot of coffee, maca root, chia seeds, guarana and ginseng will get you back in the game. (contains caffeine, rooibos, maca root, chia, coconut blossom sugar, guarana seeds, baobab, pumpkin seeds, ginseng, coffee)

The Natural Herbs & Spices Smoothie Booster range is available at Dischem and Yuppiechef. | Facebook | Instagram

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