Make your own potato stamp napkins!

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What you’ll need:
– Fabric Paint
– A Sharp knife (to carve the potatoes with)
– Potatoes (however many you want)
– Desired fabric

– Buy your desired fabric, cut into a large square and sew the edges so they won’t fray. (Or ask your gran to do it)

– For a circular stamp, start with cutting a square shape into the potato and then slicing the top off, carefully and straight (so as to achieve an even print). Now gently cut away the sides of the square so that the shape protrudes (like an ordinary stamp would).

– Cut the corners of the square shape, so that it becomes a hexagon shape and then cut off those corners again. Keep trimming off the pointy corners until you get a smooth circle. Geometric shapes are easier to cut out than circular shapes.

– Dry the potato with paper towel, apply the the fabric paint and stamp!

– Leave to dry for an hour or two and then thoroughly iron on the back of the fabric (not directly on the paint).

Tip: Don’t worry if your circles don’t line up, perfection is boring!

DIY potato stamp napkins
DIY potato stamp napkins
DIY potato stamp napkins

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