Lockdown Level 1 Explained

Words: Katrina Rose Wind

Last night President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa will go into lockdown Level 1 as of Sunday 20 September at midnight. With the new level of the country’s risk-adjusted strategy to manage the Covid-19 pandemic comes less strict economic and social regulations but still some crucial rules remain in place.

The president has reminded us that Covid-19 is still very much in South Africa but that ‘We have succeeded in overcoming the worst phase of this epidemic while protecting the capacity of our health system’. Currently, we have a total of 653,444 confirmed cases in the whole of South Africa, 15,705 deaths and about 584,195 people have recovered from the virus.

level 1Image Source: worldometers.info

What Level 1 Really Means

As of October 1st, the borders will reopen allowing for international travel with a few exceptions. Travel will be limited and certain high-risk countries will not be allowed in. Travellers entering the country must present a negative Covid-19 test upon arrival and the test had to have been conducted in a 72-hour window.

Level 1 also means gatherings be it, social, religious or other will be allowed, but should not exceed 50% of the venue’s original capacity. Indoor gatherings are now allowed to hold no more than 250 people where a maximum limit of 500 people are allowed at outdoor gatherings.

level 1

The curfew has also been extended, instead of the 22h00 curfew, we are now allowed to be out until midnight. Liquor stores trading has also been extended to Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 17h00. On-site consumption at establishments with a liquor license will be allowed subject to adherence to the curfew.

Gyms, theatres and other recreation venues will now be allowed to accommodate up to 50% of their venue’s capacity. However, room for social distancing and other health protocols must still remain in place.

What Rules Remain Intact

Existing restrictions on sporting events remain in place.

Masks must still be worn at all times and social distancing needs to continue to be maintained.

You can read more about level 1 restrictions being lifted here


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