Get Zesty with these Delicious LemonGold® Recipes

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You’ve heard it before, whether it be on cooking shows or recipes, to elevate any dish you need a bit acidity to help cut through the heaviness and balance the meal. Citrus provides that necessary acidity plus adds bags of flavour too. When in doubt, add lemon zest or juice!

From the creators of ClemenGold®, comes the beautiful sunshiney LemonGold® – a conveniently seedless, zesty and juicy lemon. Whether you’re zesting, slicing, juicing or peeling – there are no seeds to contend with, a cook’s dream! We’ve partnered up with LemonGold to bring you some delicious dishes, both sweet and savoury that highlight the juiciness and ease-of-use of this fruit.

LemonGold® Cheesecake Mousse Cups with Biscoff Base


All hail the combo of lemon cheesecake mousse and Biscoff cookies! We’ve decided that this is definitely one of the easiest desserts to prepare that delivers maximum food happiness. At the bottom of the glass we have a Biscoff biscuit base, if you can find these Belgian cookies they add next-level caramel-y flavour to the dish. On top of that is a layer of beautiful LemonGold® Curd, a zingy surprise when your spoon digs down to the bottom of the glass. Then, pièce de résistance, a super easy lemon cheesecake mousse.

All the flavour of classic cheesecake goodness, without any of the baking fuss.

It’s seriously easy to prepare, making it the ideal dessert for entertaining. Prepare ahead and serve with no fuss. Sunshine in a cup!

Recipe for LemonGold Cheesecake Mousse Cups with Biscoff Base

Panko Fish Bites with LemonGold® Mayonnaise


Once you’ve made these panko-crusted fish bites at home, you’ll see how quick and delicious they are. These crunchy, zesty hake bites are served with a creamy LemonGold® make-at-home mayo dipping sauce. This really is a winning recipe – you won’t be buying store-bought mayo after nailing this one.

Serve your dish with fresh wedges of LemonGold® and a healthy dusting of zest and tuck in. We guarantee you will be immediately transported to your favourite seaside holiday memories.

Perfect for the whole family – make a platter, pop in the middle of the table and allow everyone to tuck in. Fun and tasty – we love.

Recipe for Panko Fish Bites with LemonGold Mayonnaise

Whipped Cream & LemonGold® Curd Filled Donuts


Deep fried orbs of dough rolled in sugar… what’s not to love about that? Not much to be fair but we’ve found a way to make these doughnuts even more amazing – by poking a hole in one side and filling with a zingy lemon curd-crème.

Being virtually seedless makes LemonGold® perfect for making curd – full of juiciness and an unblemished skin for zesting.

We love that this ultra light and fluffy curd-crème filling brings a citrus freshness to these delish doughnuts.

Recipe for Whipped Cream & LemonGold Curd Filled Donuts

LemonGold® South Indian Lemon Rice


Adding the juice and zest of LemonGold® to this popular South Indian dish really makes it stand out.

This lemon rice is flavoured with an aromatic blend of spices, but the real star of the show is the lemony flavour that shines through.

Studded with crunchy nuts, chilli that gives it bite and fragrant curry leaves, the dish is simple, tangy and tasty – it’s got everything you want for a Friday-night in and more. Serve with crispy poppadoms, toasted coconut and fresh wedges of LemonGold®. Yum!

Recipe for LemonGold South Indian Lemon Rice

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