Fresh Brew: Citizen’s Pacifist

Words: Karl Tessendorf

2016 has been the year of the seasonal brew and what a year it’s been. Winter gave us a huge selection of delicious dark beers and without a doubt, Citizen’s Pacifist is one of them. According to Citizen it’s the most interesting beer they’ve ever brewed and after a quick read of the label it’s easy to see why. Instead of taking the safe route of a traditional porter or stout, they chose to spice up the brew. The result is a luscious beer hug to the face that makes you wish winter would stick around just a little longer.

What makes the Pacifist so tasty, besides the fact that it’s a well made porter, is the addition of Ugandan vanilla and Spanish cocoa. It’s a flavour profile that makes complete sense when you marry it to a rich, dark roasty brew.

On the nose and palate the beer has notes of chocolate, coffee and a touch of vanilla. The addition of oats to the brew gives a silky mouthfeel and the complete package is kind of like a hot chocolate in beer form. It finishes with all the bittersweet sexiness you’d expect to find in a good quality dark chocolate without being overpowering.

The Pacifist is a beer that deserves respect so to quaff this fine beverage I’ve chosen a Rastal Lüttich Balloon Goblet. It feels as fancy to hold as it does to say that name out loud. The short stem means your hand will slowly warm the beer and intensify its flavour. The balloon curve is perfect for channelling the Pacifist’s aromas and a refined lip provides a comfortable drinking experience. This is without a doubt one of my favourite beer glasses.

Did you know… Citizen was started in a cellar in Hout Bay?

When it comes to seasonal beers I’ve been know to moan about not being able to get them all year round. Yes I understand that they are special, and yes they give us something to look forward to, but I’m still going to moan. At the time of writing this, we’re just about to hit summer, which means that winter and the next batch of Pacifist is a long, long way away. If you manage to get your hands on a few bottles of this year’s batch, I suggest you buy them. All of them. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Lucky for us, Rastal glasses are available right here in SA from Vitria Glass, so purchase yours and enjoy your brew the right way. | Facebook | 

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