The Feastfox App is Here and Last Minute Restaurant Booking Just Went Mobile

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So, it’s Friday afternoon, you’re out having after work drinks with friends, you’re a few drinks in and you get a sudden case of the nibbles. We’ve all been there right? So, where do you go? What restaurants are going to have availability last minute? And short of calling them all, how do you decide where to head? All of these questions are seamlessly answered by the newly launched Feastfox App. With the Feastfox App, spontaneous restaurant bookings just got a whole lot easier and more fun!

The busy lives we lead mean that often planning just simply goes out  the window, and let’s be honest, often the spur of the moment decisions and meals are the most fun!

The app is designed to make those last  minute nights out so much easier, and it delivers on its promise. The app is easy to download (available on iTunes and Google Play). Once you’ve logged in and created a profile, the app will locate where you are (much like Uber and other such apps) and will immediately list a bunch of restaurants nearby you that have tables available. Even better, Feastfox has partnered with the restaurants to bring special in-app only offers. Pins will show you which restaurants are offering specials and you can browse til you find the spot that matches what your group is after.Feastfox App

Once you’ve selected where you want to go you simply click to reserve a table. The restaurant will be notified and you have 30 minutes to get there to claim your booking.

Co-founder and South African, Stuart Murless explains the thought behind the app came from the fact that most meals are spontaneous events that occur when the need arises. Whether it be the craving of a morning flat white, a healthy and scrumptious lunch between meetings or an incredible fine dining experience; with two taps on the Feastfox app and you’re covered.

“With a busy lifestyle, I never had time to plan ahead and make bookings”, explains Stuart. I wanted something which fits into the way I eat out, which is generally on impulse. With Feastfox, we are moving from the traditional “book now, eat later” concept to “book now, eat now”. This way you can go from craving to feasting with the click of a button.”

Feastfox is currently accessible in collaboration with over 60 of Cape Town’s top restaurants, bars and cafés including: Reuben’s, Kyoto Gardens Sushi, La Boheme, Nobu, Culture Club Cheese, Clarke’s, Hokey Poke, Scheckter’s Raw and Shio and many more.

The launch area includes the CBD, V&A Waterfront, De Waterkant, Green Point, Sea Point, Gardens, Vredehoek & Tamboerskloof.

Download for IOS or Android. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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